Value of ISC2 Membership

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As an ISC2 member, you stand at the forefront of tackling cybersecurity challenges, equipped with the certifications, knowledge and skills sought after by employers. You're an integral part of the world's largest nonprofit cybersecurity professional association, representing certified professionals in cyber, information, software and infrastructure security.

Yet, the value of ISC2 membership extends beyond this. Regardless of where you are in your cybersecurity career journey, ISC2 accompanies you every step of the way. We are dedicated to providing best-in-class professional development programs, training, certificates, exclusive benefits and more to help you distinguish yourself from your peers, stay relevant and safeguard your crucial certifications.

At the core of it all is our unwavering commitment to advocating on your behalf. We strive to uphold the recognition and respect that both your credentials and ISC2 membership deserve.

“Becoming an ISC2 member may be the best decision you can make for your cybersecurity career. There are lots of opportunities to network, increase your knowledge and be recognized in the cybersecurity industry. ISC2 membership has helped my career immensely.”

James McQuiggan, CISSP, USA

“Being a certification holder and member of ISC2 has provided me with a clear plan of career progression and growth. It offers a platform to learn, develop my professional skillset and take advantage of member benefits such as volunteering and networking at ISC2 hosted events.”

Ferdinand Fong, CISSP, CCSP, CSSLP, SSCP, Singapore

“Being a member of ISC2 is a game changer professionally. Holding any certification from ISC2 puts you at the top of the list of candidates for any job you apply for. ISC2 provides numerous resources that assist in my professional development. I plan to remain an ISC2 member for a very long time.”

Ewa Mwangi, CISSP, Netherlands

“ISC2 membership has helped my career through the knowledge, the information, the networking opportunities it provides. I have found new work opportunities, got involved with new projects and became part of a community of likeminded people who want to make a whole nation a safer cyber space.”

Anthony Lim, CC, CSSLP, Singapore

“ISC2 membership allowed me to build up my professional network. I have been able to get involved with Chapter work, volunteering, and I have been able to learn a lot from other cybersecurity professionals. Being a member has significantly increased my professionalism within the industry.”

Neil Breden, CISSP, CCSP, UK

Explore all the resources, benefits and advantages available to you as a valued member.

Your Professional Development
Resources, tools and training programs to keep you at the forefront of the latest challenges in cybersecurity and gain CPE credits.
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Expand Your Network
Build relationships with leading minds around the world, connections that will continue to open doors far into your future.
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Make a Difference
Opportunities for you to make an impact on a global and local scale through volunteering and giving back.
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Advocating for the Cybersecurity Profession
Explore how we are representing the interests of professionals globally by engaging with key stakeholders.
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Exclusive Savings
Your ISC2 membership also gives you access to special discounts on a range of ISC2 and partner resources.
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