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(ISC)² Chapters

(ISC)² Chapter Leader Summit

Register now to attend our first ever virtual (ISC)² Chapter Leader Summit! You’ll have the opportunity to connect with other chapter leaders, learn from seasoned Chapter Advisory Council members and navigate topics such as communication, financial management and membership growth and engagement while leading your chapter to success. This can’t miss conference will give you the tools to elevate your chapter! Register now to attend for free.

(ISC)² Chapters Connect You at the Local Level

(ISC)² engages our local chapters to represent the organization as vital, relevant contributors that deliver on our vision of inspiring a safe and secure cyber world. (ISC)² Chapters support their members by building a local network of peers who share knowledge, exchange resources, and collaborate on projects.







Connect | Educate | Inspire | Secure

The (ISC)² Chapter Program opens the door for you to participate in local events and activities that:

  • Connect like-minded individuals with networking and career opportunities
  • Educate members on the latest trends, new technologies and preparing for (ISC)² certification
  • Inspire the next generation of cybersecurity professionals
  • Secure the community by generating awareness about cybersecurity and empowering individuals to protect themselves online

Benefits of (ISC)² Chapter Membership

(ISC)² Chapter membership gains you fellowship with your local colleagues in cybersecurity. Chapter members:

  • Excel in leadership roles

  • Earn CPE credits

  • Participate in key events

  • Contribute expertise at speaking engagements

  • Participate in community and outreach projects

  • Enjoy discounts on (ISC)² products and programs

Find a Chapter

Interested in getting more involved? Learn about volunteer opportunities at (ISC)².

  • Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I have to be a member of (ISC)² in order to join an (ISC)² Chapter?


    You must be an (ISC)² member to start a chapter. However, once the chartering chapter has received its charter and becomes an official chapter of (ISC)², then non-(ISC)² certified professionals can join an (ISC)² Chapter. Check with the local chapter to confirm.



    If I’m a member of (ISC)², am I automatically a member of my local chapter?


    No. (ISC)² members are not required to join an (ISC)² Chapter. If you are interested in joining a chapter, then you will need to contact the local chapter for details. Visit the (ISC)² Chapter Directory for contact information.



    If I belong to a chapter does that mean I am a member of (ISC)²?


    No. All (ISC)² members must pass one of the (ISC)² credential exams and complete the endorsement process to become a member. Once an individual is a member of (ISC)², they must maintain their certification in order to remain in good-standing.



    What is the difference between an (ISC)² member and an (ISC)² Chapter member?


    An (ISC)² member has taken and passed one of the (ISC)² credential exams and has completed the endorsement process. Only professionals who hold an (ISC)² credential are a member of (ISC)². (ISC)² Chapter members consist of both (ISC)² credential holders and those who do not have an (ISC)² credential.



    How many CPEs can I earn for joining a chapter?


    Members do not earn CPEs for joining a chapter; however, members can earn one CPE per hour for each hour attending a meeting based on information security topics.



    How do I find a chapter to join?


    The (ISC)² Chapter Directory is available on the (ISC)² website at  



    What is the membership fee for an (ISC)² Chapter?


    Each chapter establishes and imposes chapter dues for its members. Dues are not collected by (ISC)².



    What does an (ISC)² Chapter do?


    (ISC)² Chapters provide (ISC)² members and other information security professionals in the local community an opportunity to build a local network of peers to share knowledge, exchange ideas and earn CPEs.



    How can I find out when chapter meetings are held?


    Contact a chapter directly to find out the chapter’s schedule of events. To find a chapter near you, visit the (ISC)² Chapter Directory.



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