Global Academic Program - Working with Academic Institutions

Global Academic Program - Working with Academic Institutions

Establishing powerful global academic partnerships.

As the leading global membership organization for cybersecurity and Information security professionals, ISC2 is committed to defining and developing the future of Cybersecurity by supporting the work of academic scholars through our research, knowledge, advocacy work, teaching and enhancing educational programs.

Join our Academic Partnership Network for research support, cybersecurity curriculum development, access to our world-famous certifications, skill builders and certificates.

ISC2 Cybersecurity Certifications
Valued by professionals and employers around the world, ISC2’s certifications, such as the globally recognized CISSP, are the industry’s most highly sought-after achievements that are aligned to all stages and pathways of a cybersecurity career.

Working with ISC2
At ISC2, we pride ourselves on creating turnkey solutions for our academic partners. As the job market is extremely competitive and skilled employees are high in demand, together we can help in producing job-ready candidates to fill the cybersecurity workforce gap.

Coupling professional certifications with academic programs will equip students with an advantage among job candidates in real world scenarios. ISC2’s globally recognized certifications are not only required in many job descriptions, but hiring managers will likely also possess ISC2 credentials—creating an immediately recognizable skillset and aptitude.

Students obtaining our certifications offers several benefits:

  1. Industry recognition: ISC2 certifications enhance student credibility and demonstrate their expertise in various domains of information security.
  2. Career advancement: Having studied both at a University and obtaining a cybersecurity certification demonstrates that students are serious about developing themselves and are ambitious to grow and succeed in the workforce.
  3. Comprehensive knowledge: Our certifications cover a wide range of cybersecurity topics and domains, providing your students with a broad understanding of the industry’s best practices, policies, and procedures.
  4. Networking opportunities: Joining the ISC2 community gives students a head start in cybersecurity with professional networking and knowledge-sharing as they stay a step ahead of industry trends, potentially unlocking valuable career opportunities and collaborations.
  5. Bright futures: From our 2023 Workforce Study university graduates that also obtain and hold our certifications are offered higher pay and have greater financial stability.

ISC2 Academic Partners

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Working with us:

The recommended first step is to examine all of our certifications and their learner outcomes to align with the learning outcomes of your desired programs.

There are three ways for academic institutions to partner with ISC2:

Your institution can become an official ISC2 academic partner by utilizing our material. This is the most common method used by universities, which allows us to train and onboard your staff to become authorised Official ISC2 Training instructors. Educational institutions may teach our material and provide students with seamless access to learning content by connecting your LMS to our LMS. You can also purchase our resources as physical or digital kits, while instructors present corresponding slides.

Options include:
Using our certification content to replace an information security course or utilizing modules from our material to supplement existing curriculum in an existing program or course.

Your students can purchase our digital kits which contain the certification body of knowledge, flashcards, workshop activities and more whilst your new authorized instructors are given our slides and materials to deliver to the students. Your students can obtain seamless access to materials in D2L, Canvas and Blackboard LMS formats.

Ready to get started? Fill out a Partnership Application and return to us via email at Of course, you may also email us for more information and guidance. We would love to understand your specific needs and align to a workable solution.