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Promoting the Cybersecurity Profession
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Advocating for Our Members

ISC2 advocacy strives to amplify the influential and respected voice of our members. Together, we shape meaningful and impactful policy, guidance, frameworks, regulations and laws across the globe. As a leader in the field, our association has a tremendous opportunity to ensure the profession has the support it needs to grow and accomplish its mission. 


Advocacy in Action

Policy makers, lawmakers, regulators, standard-setters, and government agencies and ministries around the world have never been more focused on cybersecurity than they are now. They are looking for guidance on how to secure critical infrastructure, to defend our economies, small businesses and consumers, and to solve the cybersecurity workforce gap. They are turning to ISC2 and our members. Learn how ISC2 is engaging stakeholders on these topics and more in key regions and countries around the world.  

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Global Cyber Policy

ISC2 and the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI) collaborated to examine global approaches to cyber legislation and regulation across six jurisdictions, shedding light on the challenges created by rapidly evolving policy landscapes.