ISC2 Adaptive Online Self-Paced Training

Accelerate Your Exam Readiness

ISC2 Adaptive Online Self-Paced Training adapts to your unique learning needs, pinpointing areas that require additional focus and guiding you through every stage of your exam prep. The result: You’ll study smarter, not harder, and go into your exam with confidence.

Adaptive Training Personalizes Learning

Linear learning models can be restrictive about time and pace.

  • Learners are locked into viewing content in a predefined order.
  • No option to skip over sections previously mastered.

Adaptive training personalizes your learning experience.

  • Your path is based on your prior knowledge, learning speed and confidence levels.
  • You’ll save time by skipping over the sections you’ve already mastered.
  • You’ll be able to focus your study on areas requiring further review.
What Learners Say

98% find the learner experience valuable

Assess Your Knowledge with Confidence

Adaptive training uses data to deliver a personalized learning experience.

  1. Select one or more answers from the available options.
  2. Use the slider to rate your confidence in your answers.
  3. Answer accuracy and confidence level determine your next steps.
What Learners Say

95% gain valuable knowledge and skills

Find Exactly What You Need

Intelligent search functionality goes beyond traditional keyword matching to deliver highly targeted results.

Once you’ve entered your information request in the search field:

  • Summary response points to training source material for further review.
  • Key results highlight the most relevant content so you can continue your learning path.
What Learners Say

98% find the learning content easy to navigate

Track Your Learning Progress

Personalized dashboard guides your learning with data-driven analytics reporting on:

  • Progress
  • Accuracy
  • Confidence
  • Search Results

Explore the New AI-Adaptive Platform

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New! AI-Driven Adaptive Learning Deep-Dive Webinars

Watch these ISC2 webinars to learn more from the experts about the newly enhanced ISC2 Online Self-Paced Training with AI-driven adaptive learning.

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