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Certified in Cybersecurity (Online Self-Paced)

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Certified in Cybersecurity Online Self-Paced Training

Official ISC2 Online Self-Paced Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) Training is a groundbreaking way to prep for certification that uses artificial intelligence to customize your learning journey. It pinpoints areas that require additional focus and guides you through your exam prep in a way that’s truly personalized.

Study smarter, not harder, with these key advantages:

  • Personalized instruction – Content, pace and difficulty adapt to your individual knowledge, learning speed and confidence level.
  • Enhanced engagement – Immediate feedback and dynamic content enable you to learn at an appropriate level.
  • Time savings – Training time is optimized by focusing on areas that require the most review.
  • Improved learning outcomes – The platform identifies areas requiring further review and provides targeted support to maximize your understanding of the content.

Choose from these flexible learning options:

Free Online Self-Paced Training + Exam

For a limited time, includes free access to course content and one opportunity to take the exam, plus our Education Guarantee.

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Online Self-Paced Training + Exam + Extras

Includes access to course content and two opportunities to take the exam, plus our Education Guarantee. Course content is now available in English, Chinese, German, Spanish and Japanese, select your preferred language to register now.

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Education Guarantee: Learners who don’t pass the exam on their first attempt may access the same training again at no cost within one year from the end of the initial training. The education guarantee covers the cost of the second course.

What’s included with each option:

  • Self-paced online adaptive learning journey
  • Data-driven analytics dashboard for real-time feedback on learner progress
  • Robust search functionality to narrow topics
  • Pre- and post-course assessments
  • Knowledge checks and end-of-domain quizzes
  • Applied scenarios
  • Interactive content
  • Voices from the Field podcasts
  • Domain-by-domain study sheets with key points, terms and definitions
  • Email content support
  • Online interactive flash cards
  • Glossary of Terms
  • 24/7/365 chat technical support

98% say: “The learning experience is valuable.”

98% say: “The content is easy to navigate.”

95% say: “I gained valuable knowledge and skills.”