Latest editions of both Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (ISSAP) and Informational Systems Security Engineering Professional (ISSEP) self-paced training programs are now live! These revamped courses boast a fresh appearance and experience, guiding you systematically and informatively through each certification domain. Designed for cybersecurity professionals with hectic schedules, these virtual self-paced trainings empower you to approach exam day with confidence.

The updated training programs now incorporate cutting-edge insights from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) into practical scenarios, supplemented by end-of-domain review quizzes and extensive knowledge-assessment question banks. With 40 insightful learning hours, users gain access to offline flashcards and a brand-new digital textbook.

ISSAP and ISSEP certifications are intended for those who are advanced in their cybersecurity career. To qualify for these experienced cyber professional designations, you need to either be a CISSP in good standing with two years of experience in one or more of the ISSAP or ISSEP domains or have at least seven years of working experience in two or more of the exam domains. Related degrees, industry credentials and part-time work, including internships, can satisfy one year of the required experience. See the ISC2 Cybersecurity Certifications page for more information on eligibility.

Understanding the ISSAPISC2 ISSAP

ISSAPs facilitate the alignment of security solutions providing organizations with guidance and context to support their overall strategy, policies, requirements and policies. The ISSAP certification is ideal for those working in roles such as: system architect, chief technology officer, system and network designer, business analyst or chief security officer. The interactive ISSAP training brings the latest cybersecurity trends and real-life global news to you. Designed specifically for security architects and analysts to delve deep into new threats, cutting-edge technologies, evolving regulations, industry standards and best practices. Follow your domain-based sessions with a series of game-based applied scenarios where you will navigate diverse challenges while receiving comprehensive feedback. You'll be sure to leave each session with actionable takeaways and a comprehensive understanding of the material. More information is available in the Ultimate Guide to the ISSAP.

Understanding the ISSEPISC2 ISSEP

ISSEPs analyze organizational needs, define security requirements, design security architectures, develop secure designs, implement system security and support system security assessment and authorization for government and industry. The ISSEP certification is ideal for those working in roles such as: senior systems engineer, information assurance systems engineer, information assurance analyst or senior security analyst. The engaging ISSEP training activates your existing knowledge and folds in cybersecurity headlines alongside the latest subject matter expertise. Designed specifically for professionals who specialize in the practical application of systems engineering principles and processes to develop secure systems. The training follows the ISSEP certification exam outline to provide clear insights into the latest threats, technologies, regulations, industry standards and best practices. You will gain actionable takeaways to support your journey of knowledge acquisition and practical application. Leaving you with the confidence needed to navigate and excel in this critical sphere. More information join the ENHANCED! ISSEP Official ISC2 Online Self-Paced Training webinar live on February 7 at 1:00 p.m. ET or check out the Ultimate Guide to the ISSEP.

If you already hold an ISC2 certification, or you are an ISC2 candidate, you save 20% off all ISC2 Official Training. Members can earn 40 CPE credits per certification course. All ISC2 Official training courses include the education guarantee: should you not pass the exam after attending one of these courses, you can attend a second training course at no additional cost. In addition, learners have access to 24/7/365 Chat Technical Support.