What We Do at ISC2

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Our Vision

Our vision is clear: A safe and secure cyber world.
ISC2 is the world’s leading member association for cybersecurity professionals. Our nearly 675,000 members, candidates and associates lead the profession with the same shared vision.

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Our Mission

ISC2 strengthens the influence, diversity and vitality of the field through advocacy, expertise and workforce empowerment that accelerates cyber safety and security in an interconnected world.

Our Purpose

ISC2 serves to educateempower, embrace and engage our members through every step of their careers.

Our Certifications

ISC2’s premier cybersecurity certifications – including the renowned CISSP – enable professionals to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and abilities to employers. They also provide confidence to organizations and government agencies around the world that individuals earning our certifications have what it takes to secure their critical assets.

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ISC2: Your Future. Secured.
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Access and Education

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education helps create more access to cyber careers and educate those most vulnerable.

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Our Commitment

We are dedicated to our members and the public and to delivering on our mission. ISC2 brings a human approach to cybersecurity.

Heading into the Future

From our first days in 1989 at the dawn of the internet age, a small forward-looking group of information security professionals recognized, before all others, the role that security would play in the rapid adoption of innovative new technologies. They established the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, Inc. (ISC2) to nurture an emerging new profession with the expertise, standards and ethical practices necessary to secure our economies, nations and personal lives.