The Center for Cyber Safety and Education is the charitable arm of ISC2. Established in 2011 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, it provides volunteer opportunities to educate the public on cyber safety, inspires the next generation to consider a cyber career, supports cybersecurity scholarships and assists small organizations through its Cyber Security Health Check program to better protect themselves against cyber risk.

ISC2 Members who volunteer with the Center can use their cybersecurity skills and experience to make a difference and earn CPE credits at the same time. Register now to attend our webinar on March 6 where you’ll hear from Center Trustee Zach Tudor, CISSP, and the Center’s Senior Director, Holly Schneider Brown, as they explain the vision of the Center and explore all the opportunities available to volunteers. 

“I am honored to serve as a Trustee for the Center because I truly believe in the impact the Center has around the world,” said Zach Tudor, CISSP. “I am excited to share all the opportunities the Center has available with my fellow ISC2 members.”

With a focus on inspiring a safe and secure cyber world, the Center empowers volunteers to teach the general public, across all backgrounds and demographics, to secure their online lives through cybersecurity education and cyber safety awareness programs.

As one of the world’s leading providers of cybersecurity scholarships , awarding more than $2 million to students and emerging professionals, the Center is committed to breaking down barriers to entering the cybersecurity field. Its mission is to build a diverse workforce and enable a cyber-safe future, with the help of its volunteers across more than 50 countries.

Attend our webinar “Make an Impact with the Center for Cyber Safety and Education” to learn more about the Center’s impact and how you can become part of our global cyber community for good!

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