In the first ISC2 podcast of 2024, we sit down with the senior director of the Center for Cyber Safety and Education to talk about what the Centre does, how the relationship with ISC2 and members works, as well as looking at how Centre programs deliver positive change.

The ISC2 Podcast is a regular series of interviews and discussions with members and key people in and around the cybersecurity industry where we find out more about their career stories, experiences, emerging cybersecurity challenges and technologies and more.

The podcast is a forum to share new ideas and broaden the conversation within the ISC2 membership and with the wider cybersecurity community.

In episode three of this series, we sat down with senior director of the Center for Cyber Safety and Education, Holly Schneider Brown. In this discussion, we find out more about the Center’s work with administering scholarships to help break down barriers and enable more people to access the cybersecurity profession, as well as providing valuable volunteering opportunities for ISC2 members to give back to their communities.

Whether it is educating and improving cyber awareness and education among the next generation and vulnerable groups, or helping small businesses that lack in-house cybersecurity expertise to identify their cyber weak points, there are numerous opportunities to help and improve cyber awareness in society.

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