ISC2 is rethinking the way our Common Bodies of Knowledge (CBKs) are developed and published. To better serve the profession. We are calling upon industry volunteers to help create a Unified Body of Knowledge. Our goal is to release a single compendium of knowledge with the ability to expand and transition to support ISC2-certified members, non-certified professionals and the cyber-curious at any point in their cybersecurity career journey. The Unified Body of Knowledge will be a growing vestibule containing cybersecurity best practices, cutting-edge approaches, evergreen knowledge, role-specific insights and thought leadership created by security professionals for security professionals.

To begin the process, a refresh is taking place of all ISC2 CBKs across certifications and their respective domains. ISC2 will be inviting professionals from the industry at large (no certification required) to engage in feedback as the corpus is built.

Upon completion, the ISC2 Unified Body of Knowledge will serve as a virtual knowledge management system for the cybersecurity profession, complete with information that is accurate, well-sourced and easily accessible to support the educational needs of cyber professionals along their career journeys from beginner to expert. 

"As we begin the compilation of our cyber resources, our goal is to develop a consolidated repository of best practices, providing professionals with a harmonization of best industry practices to support their cybersecurity career," said Casey Marks, Chief Qualifications Office, ISC2. “This Unified Body of Knowledge will be the cornerstone for professionals in the cybersecurity field. With a larger, stronger network we can retire obsolete ideas and practices that have become dated or obsolete and exchange insights for new perspectives and diversity of thought.”


In the initial round of development, CISSP-holders are invited to contribute to this first round of development. ISC2 is seeking between 80-100 CISSP holders to participate. Ideal candidates have technical or industry writing experience and have proficiency in the English language. Volunteers selected for this opportunity will receive CPE credits for their contributions.

ISC2 Unified Body of Knowledge Workshops

ISC2 will host several virtual workshops, beginning with a writing workshop this month. CISSP holders are exclusively invited to participate in the first workshop and can register via the ISC2 Volunteer Form and select the “Serving on the Technical Domain Advisory Panel” listed within Knowledge Sharing and Content. A subject matter expert (SME) workshop will be held later in the year. Upon completion of these workshops, ISC2 will invite professionals from the industry at large (no certification required) to engage in feedback as the corpus is built. More information regarding participation and project progress of the project is available at