Revealing New Opportunities for the Cybersecurity Workforce

The cybersecurity profession faces many challenges but even more opportunities. The ISC2 research team is dedicated to better understanding the barriers facing the cybersecurity workforce, but we are also focused on uncovering solutions that position these talented individuals to excel in their profession, better defend their organizations’ data and surpass their career goals.

Our research explores a broad array of topics, including:

  • Quantifying the cybersecurity workforce gap
  • Better understanding the representation of women and minorities within the field
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Uncovering effective hiring, retention and team-building practices
  • Exploring management and leadership issues facing CISOs and Boarda

Through better understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing cybersecurity professionals, we are closer to achieving our vision of a safe and secure cyber world.

Cyber Workforce Study 2022

A record 11,779 cybersecurity professionals share their unique perspectives on the state of the workforce.

Cybersecurity Workforce Study

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Cybersecurity Hiring Practices

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Global Trends

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