It’s normal to feel some pressure before your exam. The feedback during our Exam Ready webinars bears this out. Candidates frequently say the fear of failing was a challenge they had to overcome to move forward.

Maybe you think you’re ready for the exam, but you’ve put off scheduling it because you’re worried you could fail. Don’t let fear get in the way of your certification goals. Schedule your exam now. When you commit to a deadline, you create a clear timeline. And with your exam on the calendar, you’re on track to stay motivated.

Once your exam is on the calendar, don’t give in to the temptation to reschedule. Your exam could end up a moving target and the first thing that shifts to the bottom when other priorities pop up.

ISC2 exams aren’t easy. CISSP, CCSP and all ISC2 certifications earn their global reputations as top cybersecurity credentials due in large part to their exam rigor. But don’t let your worries hold you back. In this blog post, we’ll go over three ways to use fear as a catalyst for empowerment.

1.Embrace the challenge.Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from taking risks and stepping outside your comfort zone. Certification is an investment in your future — and a wise one. CISSP is the most-requested security certification by employers at LinkedIn because they know the expertise it represents. And all ISC2 certifications consistently rank among the most lucrative credentials for professionals — not because they’re quick to earn but for the verifiable mastery they represent in their areas of focus.

2.Learn from others.Remember, you’re not alone on your journey to certification. There’s much to learn from other people’s insights, whether they passed or failed. Their successes and setbacks could inspire new study strategies and help you go into your exam supported. Reach out and connect with fellow exam takers, mentors or cybersecurity industry professionals through your local ISC2 Chapter and online in the ISC2 Community.

3.Face your fears.Understand that the fear of failure is a natural part of learning. When exam jitters kick in, spend time visualizing yourself succeeding. It will help you build confidence and minimize your concerns. When you do face mistakes, look at them as learning experiences. Analyze what went wrong and ways you can do better next time. Most importantly, celebrate the effort you put in, regardless of the result.

Keep your eyes on the prize. Once you’re certified, you’ll become an ISC2 member and part of a professional community that never stops learning and growing. You’ll gain access to a full suite of benefits and resources for continuing education and professional development. Certification isn’t the end of your journey — it’s a window to your future.

Schedule Your Exam

Questions about the exam? Watch one of our Exam Ready webinars, where our expert panels answer common inquiries about the course content and exam. Another great resource to check out for last-minute study tips is our Exam Prep Hacked webinar.

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