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Lab Courses

Hands-on courses that enable learners to practice specific technical skills.

NEW! ICS OT Application-Level DoS Attack

This advanced lab course is designed to challenge you to find, neutralize and contain an attack aimed at bringing down the OT network.

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NEW! DoS Attacks and Defense

This lab course is designed to help you better understand how DoS attacks work, how they are deployed and the mechanisms you can implement to protect your organization.

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NEW! Firewall Configuration with pfSense

This lab course teaches cybersecurity professionals or anyone new to firewalls how to harden, secure, configure, and operate a firewall using pfSense.

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NEW! Security Analysis with SPARTA

This lab course teaches how to apply a framework to support offensive testing and assessment, how to discover live hosts on a network to support security assessment, and how to analyze scan results to discover potential vulnerabilities in web servers.

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UPDATED! Assessing Application Security

Whether the application is bought, built or acquired, it is important to consider its vulnerabilities and the types of attacks that might be used to exploit them. This hands-on practical lab will explore the foundations of how to assess an application’s security.

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