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Immersive Courses

These courses provide in-depth training on a variety of relevant and timely cybersecurity topics delivered in an online, self-paced format.

NEW! Exploring Cybersecurity in Industrial Control Systems

This course explores the fundamental concepts around security concerns within industrial control systems (ICS) helping you understand how ICS supports critical infrastructure and the global need for ICS security.

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NEW! Understanding Security in the IoT Ecosystem

This course provides a broad overview of IoT and the overall state of the IoT industry in terms of approaches to cybersecurity governance.

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Security Culture

Building a Strong Security Culture

Online self-paced course addressing solutions for building a robust organizational security culture. Designed to help create and implement an effective security awareness program focused on the human element, resulting in a culture of security as everyone’s responsibility.

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CISO’s Guide to Success

You have reached your goal of becoming a CISO. Now what? This course helps you develop a plan for your first 30, 60 and 90 days in this new role.

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Cloud Basics

This self-paced immersive course is the first in a series of courses on the cloud, designed to provide a solid understanding of cloud computing including key drivers and rationale for moving to the cloud, cloud architecture and computing concepts and characteristics, cloud service and deployment models, and cloud brokers.

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Creating a High-Performing Cybersecurity Team

This immersive self-paced course will help learners gain the foundational skills and understanding of building a high performing cybersecurity team within their organization.

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Creating Your Path to CISO

This interactive, immersive course guides you through a process of self-assessment, skill development, brand building and interview preparation to give you the tools you need to advance your security career.

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DevSecOps: Integrating Security into DevOps

Online self-paced course offering a deep dive into securing DevOps to achieve DevSecOps. Designed to help security professionals successfully remove barriers and achieve enterprise business goals without friction.

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Security Culture

GDPR for Security Professionals: A Framework for Success

Online self-paced course designed to help security professionals contribute to the strategy, direction and implementation of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This interactive, immersive training experience provides the tools, knowledge and resources needed to maintain organizational compliance with GDPR mandates.

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Incident Management

Incident Management: Preparation and Response

This course combines key definitions of incident management and demonstrates them through real-world examples. Learn how to determine if an event has become an incident and how to quickly and effectively respond to eliminate the immediate threat.

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Moving to the Cloud

This course has a four-phased approach to transition your organization from enterprise IT to the cloud, strategically and securely, by using business alignment as your guidepost.

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Responding to a Breach

This interactive, immersive course takes you inside a cybersecurity breach scenario and helps you design your own cybersecurity incident response plan.

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Strengthening Interpersonal Skills

This immersive, self-paced online course is designed to help cybersecurity professionals focus on and enhance their understanding of non-technical areas such as emotional intelligence, decision making, communications and nonverbal communications in order to help them advance in their careers. The course covers such topics as effective relationship building, making group decisions, strategic thinking, interpersonal communication for managers, speech writing, persuasive communication techniques and much more.

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