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Express Learning Courses

These short-format courses provide training on a variety of relevant and timely cybersecurity topics delivered in an online, self-paced format.

NEW! Crowdsourced Security

This course teaches how to create a robust crowd-enabled security program that reduces risk, aligns to agile development and reduces the vulnerabilities of frequent software releases.

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NEW! Preparing for a Zero Trust Initiative

This course presents foundational principles, threat scenarios, reference architectures and a policy governance framework that can be applied to reduce risk.

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Adquisición de Datos Forenses

Este curso de explica el proceso científico del análisis forense digital, los métodos de adquisición de datos, y los principios de manipulación y conservación de la evidencia digital.

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Forensic Data Acquisition

This course explains the digital forensics scientific process, data acquisition methods, digital evidence handling and preservation principles.

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Introduction to Artificial intelligence (AI)

This course teaches terminology related to the spectrum of AI technology, including deep learning, machine learning, AI neural networks, natural language processing, and introduces some current practical applications of these technologies.

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人工知能 (AI) の紹介

このエクスプレスラーニングコースでは、ディープラーニングや機械学習、AI ニューラルネットワーク、自然言語処理など、AI テクノロジーのスペクトラムに関連する用語について学ぶほか、こうしたテクノロジーの現時点での実用化についてもいくつかご紹介します。

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Introducción a la Inteligencia Artificial (AI)

Este curso breve se diseñó como introducción a los problemas de seguridad informática que impone la AI e incluye amenazas, vulnerabilidades, pruebas de penetración y desarrollo de sistemas.

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Leveraging the Intelligence Cycle

This course compares the various intelligence disciplines and shows how to leverage the Intelligence Cycle to outline the when, why and how of cyber events.

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Mobile Security from Every Angle

This course presents an introduction to mobile security, explores the unique challenges facing mobile security and provides a framework for supporting and securing the mobile infrastructure of an organization.

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Navigating Cyber Insurance

This course navigates the ins and outs of cyber insurance and examines real-world examples to fully understand the scope of what a cyber insurance policy covers.

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Practical Intrusion Analysis Using the Diamond Model

This course teaches the core features of the Diamond Model and gives you experience populating a Diamond Model following a cybersecurity event.

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The Privacy Regulation Roadmap

This course examines global privacy legislation and teaches the importance of identifying and complying with privacy laws and regulations that apply to your industry and customer base.

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Ransomware: Identify, Protect, Detect, Recover

Learn the major distinctions between ransomware and malware, the key characteristics of ransomware attacks, and the protection strategies and remediation plans for ransomware attacks that should be in place ahead of time.

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Securing Containers at the Speed of DevOps

This course offers an overview of important security features and best practices to protect containerized services.

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Securing the Remote Workforce

Learn to recognize security risks, analyze environmental challenges and distinguish technical best practices for securing the remote workforce.

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A Security Professional’s Guide to AI

This course introduces the concepts, frameworks and languages currently used in the development of AI and how they impact security.

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Guía de Inteligencia Artificial para Profesionales en Seguridad

Este curso presenta los conceptos, marcos y lenguajes que actualmente se utilizan en el desarrollo de la inteligencia artificial y la manera en que estos afectan a la seguridad.

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Techniques for Malware Analysis

This course introduces the various types, categories and characteristics of malware and the broad categories of malware analysis.

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Técnicas para el análisis de malware

Este curso de aprendizaje exprés presentará los distintos tipos y las distintas categorías de malware y sus características.

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Utilizing Big Data

Utilizing Big Data

This course provides an overview of big data components, architectures and applications. For a limited time, non-members get free access to our Utilizing Big Data course so you can become familiar with our trainings before you commit.

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Web Application Penetration Testing

This express learning course introduces web application penetration testing and gives you a hands-on perspective of how a penetration tester applies methodology with practice to test web applications for security flaws.

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When Ethics Meets Artificial Intelligence (AI)

During this course, explore the history of AI, the related ethical principles and learn to apply select thought experiments to modern issues and technology, including AI.

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