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ISC2 Insights address the concerns of cybersecurity professionals at organizations of all sizes, across all industries and around the world. We focus on strategies, best practices and education that benefit the cybersecurity community. The content is therefore a mix of leadership development, strategic material, operational insights, cybersecurity news and the latest in training and certification developments.


Contribute knowledge and valuable insights that can benefit the information security industry, the people in it and the public at large.


There are two ways to engage with this program: Respond to question prompts send via email to ISC2 article writing volunteers or send in an article idea or written piece via

ISC2 Membership Requirement


Skills Required

Knowledge and experience in the topic you are weighing in on



Time Requirement

Time may vary depending on submission type. Questions can be under one hour while longer-form articles may be more time-consuming.

Travel Requirement


Start/End Date

Available all year.


CPE Credit(s)

1 Group A CPE credit per hour of service.

CPE Submission Process

Self-Submit, Category: Contributed to the Profession (Writing, Researching, Publishing).


Build your professional network and gain recognition as a cybersecurity thought leader.

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