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The mission of the regional ISC2 Event Advisory Committees is to assist the organization in the development of robust and relevant events that will be of interest to ISC2 members and other Cybersecurity professionals around the globe. The committees will use their expertise to lead the development of localized content and provide insight and guidance into each of their regions to ensure we are providing an attractive and relevant product to our members. Event Advisory Committees will be considered event and ISC2 ambassadors and assist in increasing the exposure of our brand throughout their regions. They will be a valuable resource for ISC2 staff in the production of the event, assisting with logistical tasks as needed, and will provide feedback and opinions on program growth and share the same vision for the future.


  • Attend committee meetings to develop the program objective, format, content focus and session descriptions
  • Participate in the review and ratings of sessions as part of the ‘call for speakers’ process (if applicable)
  • Assist with agenda session placement in a way that allows for optimal attendance
  • Help to identify additional potential topics and speakers and making the initial speaker contact to confirm (when appropriate)
  • Help to identify and confirm potential sponsors, exhibitors, or other strategic marketing and/or partnership opportunities as warranted
  • Work with speakers to help them understand the participant demographics to develop a presentation that meets the participant’s educational needs
  • Attend the event (in person or virtually) to assist ISC2 staff by introducing speakers, moderating sessions, ensure sessions start and finish on time, review audience Q&A submissions, make announcements and provide session feedback
  • Alert staff to potential problems that may arise preceding and/or during the event
  • Mentor new committee members during the onboarding process

ISC2 Membership Requirement


Skills Required

  • Can be a chapter member (no more than one (1) person per chapter can serve at one time)
  • Demonstrated effective leadership
  • Willing to serve on the committee for three years, with annual review
  • Attend all committee planning meetings and calls (expected attendance of at least 75%)
  • Potential committee members can be nominated by current committee members but are ultimately selected by ISC2 Staff
  • Sign and submit the following to be kept on file with ISC2:
    • Non-Disclosure Agreement
    • Conflict of Interest Policy
    • Volunteer Code of Conduct



Time Requirement

  • Duties for the Event Advisory Committee (meeting, conference, or workshop) take place from approximately 10 months prior to and 2 weeks post event date
  • Event Advisory Committee members have a standard three (3) year commitment with annual review to ensure volunteer can continue role. Annual assessment will focus on the defined participation/engagement criteria listed above as well as volunteer’s interest in staying involved
  • The work of this committee is done primarily through telephone/video conference calls and email
  • Email communication will be conducted by address provided by the committee member
  • Approximately 1 all day meeting (virtual only)
  • Approximately 5-7 additional 1 hour meetings over 10 months of a planning cycle
  • Members are expected to attend all calls; if not available, the ISC2 Team must be notified at least 24 hours in advance of the call

Travel Requirement

No travel is expected with position. If so, travel will be compensated.

Start/End Date

10 months before event start date to 2 weeks post event start date



CPE Credit(s)

1 Group A CPE credit earned per 1 hour of service

CPE Submission Process

ISC2 will submit CPE credits on behalf of the volunteer.


Gratis registration, flights, hotel accommodations for the event committee is planning.

Reference Materials

ISC2 Event Volunteer Planning Committee Charge

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