Cybersecurity Health Check

This opportunity will match volunteers with small businesses for a small business cybersecurity health check. The volunteers will talk through a checklist of questions with the small business representative, help them understand their current cyber risk level and ways to minimize that risk. Meetings can take place virtually or in-person, depending on geography of both participants and preferences.


Small businesses are at risk for cybersecurity attacks. Over 40% have experienced an attack but only 5% of small business owners are worried about their cybersecurity preparedness. For most, they lack the resources, understanding, time, and money to fully understand and assess their cyber risk.

ISC2 has thousands of members with the knowledge and expertise to help guide small businesses through a cybersecurity health check. This opportunity provides volunteers the chance to use their skills for good and helps small businesses gain a better understanding of their risk level.

The program will pilot in Chicago in Q1 of 2023 and will scale globally in future iterations.


Attend a 1-hour training. Sign a volunteer agreement. Meet virtually or in person with small business representative to go through a questionnaire. Complete the Cybersecurity Health Checklist to assess their cyber risk and meet with them to explain the findings.

ISC2 Membership Requirement


Skills Required

Knowledge of small business cybersecurity risks, ability to communicate to people with little to no tech/cyber knowledge, understanding of business cybersecurity needs and options for implementation (low to no cost).


1-hour virtual training session

Time Requirement

2-5 hours per business served

Travel Requirement

None – meetings will be virtual. In-person meetings are possible if both members are in the same geographical location.

Start/End Date

January 2023 - ongoing


CPE Credit(s)

2-4 per business served

CPE Submission Process

CPEs will be submitted on behalf of volunteers.


Assisting small businesses with their cybersecurity risks. Small businesses are a huge part of the global economy and need help understanding their cyber risk. You can be part of the solution and provide needed guidance.

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