Meet ISC2 Instructor Mikal Hass

Mikal Hass


I am a 25-year cybersecurity professional in information security, risk management and IT professional with a strong background in development, architecture, and management. Considerable expertise in designing, building, and managing information security and risk management programs in highly regulated private and public-sector organizations. Over my 25 years in IT, have spent time on both the vendor and corporate sides of the house. I started out developing web platforms for fortune 500 companies in the late 90s. Shortly after that I moved over into DevOps and infrastructure architecture and operations. This move helped complete what I call my big picture view of the IT world. At the same time, I started focusing a lot more on business needs to help bridge the gap that is common between IT and business (Everything we do as IT professionals should have some business requirement or component attached to it). Late in the 2000s, is when I switched over to focusing mainly on security. As I have a development background, it has always been my professional opinion that the closer you put your controls to your assets (in most cases this is company data) the safer you are. This approach transitions smoothly into cloud security controls that we see and implement today. My specialties include AWS and Azure secure architecture design and operations along with regulatory compliance (NIST, PCI, HIPAA), risk management, strategic security planning, policy design and security awareness. In addition to my professional work, I have also been the president of ISC2 Atlanta for the last 9 year. ISC2 Atlanta is a Non-profit organization focusing on promoting an interest and growth in the information security field. The organization communicates to local business communities the benefits of proper information security, provides security professionals an avenue for networking/collaboration and performs community education and outreach.