Meet ISC2 Instructor Alan Yue

Alan Yue


Alan is a professional services consultant and instructor. Alan specializes in business systems migration, modernization, and digital transformation. He employs disciplines including, but not limited to governance, risk management, and compliance, business process alignment to strategic project, program, and portfolio management, enterprise resilience and continuity, information security, human capital management, and leadership development. With over 35 years of professional experience, Alan collaborates with organizations to co-create value by developing integrated strategies based upon good practice frameworks, models, and systems.

Alan has cross industry experience including, but not limited to: U.S. Government / Department of Defense; Software Development; Healthcare; Financial services; Solar and Wind Energy; Public utilities; K-12 and secondary education; Nonprofit; Civil engineering and construction management; Hospitality; Pharmaceutical; Retail consumer products; Automotive manufacturing; Processed food manufacturing; Corporate training; and, Natural resources. Functional experience includes, but is not limited to: Board governance; Risk Management; Compliance; Business Process Alignment; Organizational transformation; Business continuity; Information security; Information technology; Project management; Human capital; Finance and accounting; Manufacturing production; Corporate safety; Corporate quality; Sales and marketing; Internal and external consulting; Executive management; and, Board governance. Alan is also a graduate of the Project Management Institute Leadership Institute Master Class for leadership identification, leadership strategy, and leadership development programming.

Alan works from locations in San Francisco, California, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, travels to client locations globally, and also provides services via remote virtual collaboration technologies.


CISSP 5-Day Online Instructor-Led Training for Ernst & Young Apr 15-19, 2024 [ET]-Alan Yue (32 students)

Alan was outstanding! He was incredibly knowledgeable and patient, taking the time to break down complex concepts into easily understandable segments. He used a variety of illustrations and examples that made the learning process enjoyable and relatable for everyone in the class. It's rare to find an instructor who can simplify challenging topics so effectively.

I was very impressed with the instructor, Mr. Yue. He exhibited a deep understanding of the subject matter and presented complex concept in a clear and engaging way. His energy level was most impressive--he managed to stay up beat and power through the material so that we could finish on time.

ISSP 5-Day Online Instructor-Led Training for MPO - TFoster May 13-17, 2024 [ET]-Alan Yue (32 students)

Alan Yue teaches the wide breadth of this information in a fashion that kept my attention the entire time and gave very good explanations on the concepts needed for understanding the material.

Mr. Yue's attention to detail and real-world examples helped me understand all the material and I am confident that I will retain the knowledge.

Alan was AMAZING! I've taken other cert classes before and I've never had an instructor that was this engaging and passionate about what they were discussing. He did a great job breaking down difficult subject matter and I really appreciated his "cave drawings". Wish I could have him as an instructor for all my classes!