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Take the next steps to a career in cybersecurity + earn CPE credits

New! (ISC)² Entry-Level Cybersecurity Skill-Builders

Learn valuable skills as you pursue a career in cybersecurity with (ISC)² Entry-Level Cybersecurity Skill-Builders, created by industry experts and available now on demand. Grow what you know and earn CPE credits with short-format, immersive and hands-on lab learning designed to fit your busy schedule.

Cybersecurity Strategies
This course examines strategies used to mitigate risks associated with cyberthreats and protect sensitive data, systems and networks. Learn how to use existing security benchmarks and compliance standards to design a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. (0.50 CPE)

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Developing an API Security Strategy
This course explores the importance of securing APIs used by your organization and the strategies for reducing risks and vulnerabilities associated with these interfaces. (0.50 CPE)

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Preventing and Mitigating API Data Breaches
As more organizations adopt application programming interfaces (APIs), they’ve become a target for bad actors as an easy entry point into their systems. This course explores the circumstances behind several widely publicized API breaches and the most common threats and vulnerabilities that can expose APIs to attack. (0.50 CPE)

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Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) through Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
With the growing complexity of supply chains, it’s more important than ever to keep yours safe and protected from cyberthreats. Information security governance, risk and compliance enables you to do just that. (0.50 CPE)

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Why (ISC)² Entry-level Cybersecurity Skill-Builders?

  • Commit to maintaining your (ISC)² certification with continuing professional development
  • Stay current and demonstrate knowledge of emerging cybersecurity topics
  • Earn CPE credits

With (ISC)² Cybersecurity Leadership Skill-Builders you get:

  • Access to self-paced cybersecurity education 24/7
  • Learning activities focused on real-world applications
  • Dive in and start building your skills today.

Take advantage of exclusive introductory pricing.

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