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Secure the Software Development Lifecycle + Earn CPE Credits

Learn valuable skills in securing the software development lifecycle with ISC2 Software Security Skill-Builders, created by industry experts and available on demand. Grow what you know and earn CPE credits with short-format learning designed to fit your busy schedule.

The Future of API Security (0.5 CPE credits)

What are the best ways to secure APIs to protect against threats and vulnerabilities? This course examines cybersecurity best practices, including the value of penetration testing, secure coding, monitoring for suspicious activity, and regular security testing and audits.

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Software Security: Fixing Forward at Scale in Real Life (0.5 CPE credits)

Learn how testing, tools and human ingenuity can work together to safeguard systems and data from malicious attacks. By investing in software security, you can build trust with users, ensure compliance with industry standards and stay ahead of potential threats.

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Application Programming Interface (API) Security Best Practices (0.5 CPE credits)

Learn best practices for application programming interface (API) security, such as using secure protocols; implementing authentication and access controls; monitoring and logging API activity; and keeping software and libraries up to date.

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Why ISC2 Skill-Builders?

  • Commit to maintaining your ISC2 certification with continuing professional development
  • Stay current and demonstrate knowledge of emerging cybersecurity topics
  • Earn CPE credits

With ISC2 Skill-Builders you get:

  • Access to self-paced cybersecurity education 24/7
  • Learning activities focused on real-world applications

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