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Preventing and Mitigating API Data Breaches (0.50 CPE credits)

As more organizations adopt application programming interfaces (APIs), they’ve become a target for bad actors as an easy entry point into their systems. This course explores the circumstances behind several widely publicized API breaches and the most common threats and vulnerabilities that can expose APIs to attack.

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Classification, Categorization and Security of Data (1 CPE credit)

After discussing the impacts of violating a data protection regulation, a cybersecurity team dives into their current data classification, categorization and security practices. Find out how it turns out to be an opportunity to improve overall data efficiency and their organization.

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Cybersecurity of Industrial Control Systems (2 CPE credits)

Explore IT and OT perspectives, the inverted CIA triad and industrial control system (ICS) devices to support critical infrastructure and the need for ICS security at your organization. This course will guide you through the fundamental concepts around security concerns.

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Foundations of Engaging SETA (1 CPE credit)

Learn how to build a strong security education, training and awareness (SETA) program at your organization. This course provides an introduction to the learning continuum of SETA, the ABCs of learning, and engaging and impactful delivery techniques.

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ICS Convergence (0.5 CPE credits)

Merging traditionally isolated operational technology (OT) with information technology (IT) networks and systems presents unique security challenges. Learn how to leverage emerging technologies, hazard analysis and control protocols to address them.

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Impact, Analysis and Management of Violations (1 CPE credit)

Without ongoing and deliberate privacy practices in place, organizations may find themselves in violation of global laws and regulations. Learn about the data generated by a gap analysis and the importance of maintaining a clear picture of organizational data.

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Security in the IoT Ecosystem (1 CPE credit)

Securing the IoT ecosystem is crucial to protect sensitive data, ensure privacy and mitigate potential risks. Learn how to identify threats, vulnerabilities and risks in IoT deployment, and what distinguishes direct and indirect safety hazards.

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Security in the IoT Ecosystem: What is IoT and the IoT Ecosystem? (1 CPE credit)

IoT is a complex ecosystem of technologies, products and services applied across industries. This course explores IoT reference architectures and real-life examples, focusing on security vulnerabilities within IoT layers.

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Open Systems Intelligence (0.5 CPE credits)

Find out what open systems intelligence (OSINT) means, where to get started when using it and examples of what it looks like from a malicious actor's point of view. You'll be able to determine if OSINT being used against you, as well as where you might want to use it yourself.

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