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Build your skills protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information across networks with ISC2 Network Security Skill-Builders, created by industry experts and available now on demand. Grow what you know with short-format learning designed to fit your busy schedule. Develop new skills to help manage access controls and network security and learn how to operate and configure network-based security devices. Don't miss out – start building skills today and stay at the forefront of network security.

First Steps for Supply Chain Security

Time: 30 minutes | Experience: Video | CPE: 0.50

Learn the importance of mapping your supply chain and tracking inventory. Find out how to integrate these efforts into your risk management processes so you have a means to control risk at your organization — even when it’s out of your scope.

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IT/OT Convergence: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Time: 30 minutes | Experience: Video | CPE: 0.50

The convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) creates new attack vectors and requires a different approach to cybersecurity than traditional IT security. Explore the technologies and systems to consider when securing devices and processes.

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Introduction to Denial of Service Attacks

Time: 15 minutes | Experience: Article + Skill Application Exercise | CPE: 0.50

Denial of service and distributed denial of service cyberthreats are on the rise. Find out how to identify the different types of attacks, how they’re carried out and what measures you can take to protect your organization’s systems and data.

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Supply Chain Security

Time: 30 minutes | Experience: Video | CPE: 0.50

Get strategies for developing a systematic approach to assessing and mitigating supply chain risks. You’ll learn practical techniques to help ensure the security of suppliers, evaluate their risk profiles and establish appropriate measures for assurance.

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Why ISC2 Skill-Builders?

  • Stay current and demonstrate knowledge of emerging cybersecurity topics
  • Receive quick, on-demand learning that fits your busy schedule
  • Earn CPE credits

With ISC2 Skill-Builders you get:

  • Access to self-paced cybersecurity education 24/7
  • Content created by leading minds in the field
  • Learning activities focused on real-world applications

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