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Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) through Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) (0.5 CPE credits)

With the growing complexity of supply chains, it's more important than ever to keep yours safe and protected from cyberthreats. Information security governance, risk and compliance enables you to do just that.

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Quantifying Risk Factors in Small to Medium Businesses (0.5 CPE credits)

While small and medium-sized businesses many times have smaller budgets than large enterprises, they often face the same security threats and must prepare for them accordingly. Learn how to understand the various risk factors, analyze risk in your organization and prepare for a potential data breach.

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Complying with Regulations, Laws, Standards and Frameworks (1 CPE credit)

Ensuring compliance is more complex today because of evolving privacy regulations and legislation. Follow a cybersecurity team as they examine privacy frameworks and global data protection and privacy regulations to work toward regulatory compliance.

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ICS Standards, Regulations and Frameworks (0.5 CPE credits)

Industrial control systems (ICS) play a crucial role in managing processes. Learn how, given their significance and potential vulnerabilities, the implementation of standards, regulations and frameworks is essential to ensure their security, reliability and interoperability.

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Repairing Policies and Procedures (1 CPE credit)

Follow a cybersecurity team as they examine their organization's policies, procedures and documentation requirements to refine the solutions required to repair their reputation after a breach. You’ll learn how to use risk ranking to prioritize efforts.

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Cloud Governance, Risk and Compliance (0.5 CPE credits)

Explore popular cloud governance, risk and compliance reports: what they mean, how they can help, how they could be misinterpreted and what you can do to leverage them. You'll gain the knowledge to select the right provider for your organization's needs.

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Guidance to Maintaining GRC and Security Posture for Multicloud Infrastructures (0.5 CPE credits)

As cloud adoption is spread across on-premises and multicloud infrastructures, managing risk and maintaining compliance become even more complex. Get strategies to implement security controls to protect identities, data, resources and applications.

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Jumpstarting the Key Components of Your GRC Program (0.5 CPE credits)

Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) is integral to your organization's reputation. Hear from an industry expert what to consider when you're making improvements to an existing GRC program or developing a new one that meets your organization's unique requirements.

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Data Privacy and Protection: Introduction to Compliance Requirements (0.5 CPE credits)

Addressing privacy and data protection can be a challenge. The principles behind EU regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation can serve as a model for responding to these requirements, especially for smaller organizations.

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Eight Steps to Establish a Successful GRC Program (0.5 CPE credits)

Walk through eight steps to follow for implementing effective information security governance, risk and compliance (GRC). You'll learn how to develop a comprehensive policy for your organization that addresses identified risks and vulnerabilities.

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Global Approaches to Cyber Policy, Legislation and Regulation (1 CPE Credit)

A recent report by the Royal United Services Institute and ISC2 explores the state of cyber policy, legislation and regulation in the UK, US, EU, Canada, Japan and Singapore. Learn about the measures each global region is taking to address challenges as you make decisions in your own jurisdictions and beyond.

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