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Build your skills securing data and critical assets in the cloud with ISC2 Cloud Security Skill-Builders, created by industry experts and available on demand. Grow what you know and earn CPE credits with short-format learning designed to fit your busy schedule.

An Orientation to Cloud Native (0.5 CPE credits)

Find out the differences between intrusion detection system (IDS) services in cloud-native environments and traditional data center IDS appliances. Gain the knowledge needed to harness the power of cloud-native approaches for scalable, cost-effective intrusion detection.

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Zero Trust Architecture in the Cloud (0.5 CPE credits)

Learn how to develop a Zero Trust cloud security architecture in the cloud. We’ll explore cloud-native tools and the concepts of a Zero Trust methodology using real-world examples, as well as guidance for creating Zero Trust architecture at your organization.

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Why ISC2 Skill-Builders?

  • Commit to maintaining your ISC2 certification with continuing professional development
  • Stay current and demonstrate knowledge of emerging cybersecurity topics
  • Earn CPE credits

With ISC2 Skill-Builders you get:

  • Access to self-paced cybersecurity education 24/7
  • Learning activities focused on real-world applications

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