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Q: What are ISC2 Certificates?

A: ISC2 Certificates will advance your skills in areas employers are seeking in order to move your cybersecurity career forward and provide pathways towards gaining the competencies you need for the journey to ISC2 Certification.

Q: How do I earn ISC2 Certificates?

A: To earn ISC2 certificates, you must score 70% or higher on the final assessment. Upon completion, a certificate of completion will be issued.

Q: Who should take ISC2 Certificates?

A: Cybersecurity professionals, recent graduates, students and others seeking to demonstrate their knowledge in the certificate’s focus topic are a great fit.

Q: What are the benefits of pursuing ISC2 Certificates?

A: Use your ISC2 Certificates to:

  • Act as a pathway to ISC2 certification
  • Demonstrate commitment to maintaining your ISC2 Certification through professional development
  • Stay ahead of the curve by gaining expertise in emerging cybersecurity topics
  • Earn CPE credits

Q: Q: What do the ISC2 Certificates include?

A: Certificates are delivered as an online interactive course throughout which learners will be asked to work through and complete activities. The activities can include:

  • Immersive, scenario-based learning
  • Templated (downloadable) processes and resources
  • Narrated video and audio content
  • Knowledge Checks and Summary Checks
  • Video-based content
  • Text-based content
  • Interactive Graphics

Q: How long does it take to earn ISC2 certificates?

A: Each certificate’s online interactive course offers the flexibility to work through the content and activities at your own pace. The course is open to you for 180 days, and time to complete varies from 1-5 hours based on the required learning. Once a learner completes the course, they will have access to their digital badge and certificate almost immediately.

Q: Do I need a certification to earn ISC2 Certificates?

A: No. ISC2 Certificates turn a laser focus on specific subject matters tailored to your interests. Our courseware is created by cybersecurity’s most respected certifying body to provide you with the most current and relevant content.

Do I need any previous experience?

A: No. Our ISC2 Certificates include everything you need, from the basics up to an advanced-level understanding of your cybersecurity focus area of interest.

What is the course structure of the certificates?

A: You have the option to undertake the learning and assessment within each Certificate or, if you already have the knowledge, go straight to the assessment and earn your badge. To earn your badge, you must score 70% or higher on the final assessment. Upon completion, a certificate and digital badge of completion will be issued.

Do I have to complete the full course to earn ISC2 certificates?

A: No. If you feel you’re already knowledgeable in the subject matter, you may go straight to the assessment. To earn your badge, you must score 70% or higher on the final assessment. Upon completion, a certificate and digital badge will be issued.

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Q: Will I receive a digital badge?

A: Yes. Upon completion of the final assessment at the end of each Certificate you’ll receive a Digital Badge for social media, your website and your resume to demonstrate your knowledge to your employer and hiring managers.

Q: Are CPE credits earned for this course eligible for non-ISC 2 certifications?

A: CPE credits earned for this course may be eligible for continuing professional education credits for non-ISC2 certifications. Please visit the continuing education requirements established by the credentialing organization for eligibility.

Q: As a member, when will I receive the CPE credits for this course?

A: Members: Starting January 1st, 2022, CPE Credits for ISC2 credentials will be reported by Member Services on the 1st of every month. Please allow 10 business days for processing. Courses completed prior to 1/1/2022 will need to be self-reported by members and associates through the ISC2 CPE Portal accessible using your member login credentials.

For specific questions related to your CPE credits or the CPE portal please contact member support - membersupport@isc2.org

Q: Will I be required to submit Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits to maintain my certificates?

A: No. Continuing professional education is not required to maintain certificates.