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March 2023

Voices Of Women in Cyber - (ISC)² Candidate Nidhi

Nidhi Kannoujia, (ISC)² Candidate | 8th March 2023

Moving from product management to cybersecurity and studying for her CISSP, Nidhi Kannoujia shares some of her experiences and advice for other women considering a career change into a cybersecurity role.

February 2023

The LastPass Breach: Are Online Password Managers Still Safe?

John E. Dunn | 7th February 2023

Should businesses trust online password managers? The problem is that customers can’t easily judge the security of these platforms from the outside.

Should You Have a “No Blame” Culture?

Dave Cartwright, CISSP | 6th February 2023

Who should be to blame when something goes wrong? What about if we forget about blame altogether – it is a healthier and more practical approach to abandon blame assignment and just work the problem?