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Online Events

(ISC)² Webinars

(ISC)² webinars help members and (ISC)² Candidates advance their knowledge on emerging issues and get up-to-date on current trends and hot-button topics. We offer these live and on-demand webinars free to all (ISC)² Candidates and members who earn CPE credits by attending the sessions. CPE credits will be added to an (ISC)² member’s profile 5-10 days after attending the webinar for a minimum of 45 minutes. The types of webinars we offer are as follows:

Think Tank

An (ISC)² Think Tank webinar is a roundtable webinar. Think Tank webinars are regularly held, 60-minute seminars which bring together subject matter experts to discuss and debate current security topics and involve attendee interaction.

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Security Briefings

(ISC)² Security Briefings are 1-hour webinars that provide an opportunity for attendees to take a "deep dive" into a topic by listening to a multi-part webinar series or single subject webinar. (ISC)² members appreciate the opportunity to immerse themselves in a topic and hear how an industry expert approaches solving the issue(s) being discussed.

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Security Briefings- EMEA

(ISC)² EMEA hour-long Security Briefings offer members in Europe, the Middle East and Africa a chance to learn about the latest trends, tools and best practices in cyber, information, software and infrastructure security.

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Security Briefings- APAC

The APAC Secure Webinar Series is a remote learning tool that gives (ISC)² members and participants access to a wide range of information security related topics in a free, flexible and bite-size approach. All one-hour long webinars are launched in APAC time zone and Asian languages including Mandarin, Japanese and Korean.

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Security Congress

Recorded live from (ISC)²’s annual conference, this channel features breakout sessions and keynotes on a variety of cybersecurity topics. (ISC)² members earn 1 CPE per session.

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Knowledge Vault

(ISC)² Knowledge Vault brings the community relevant and cutting edge infosecurity discussions presented by subject matter experts. Subscribers also benefit from pre-recorded mini webcasts that give viewers a sneak peek into each of (ISC)²’s certifications' domains, including the gold standard cybersecurity certification, the CISSP, and (ISC)²’s fastest growing certification, the CCSP. (ISC)² members can earn 1 CPE per 45 minute webinar.

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