UK Cyber Security Council Cyber Security Professional Chartership

ISC2 has partnered with the UK Cyber Security Council (UKCSC) to pilot the UK’s first chartered licensing scheme for cybersecurity professionals.

The professional registrations awarded by the Council present those working in the profession with independent recognition of their competence, which will serve as a key differentiator between candidates with similar qualifications, experiences and backgrounds.

With the UK Cyber Security Council Standard for Professional Competence and Commitment (UKCSC SPCC), the UKCSC is creating a clear career road map for those looking to enter the cybersecurity profession and for security professionals already working in the field.

With the first phase of the pilot program complete, ISC2 continues to collaborate with the UKCSC to help ISC2 members and other aspiring professionals be Royal Chartered status.

ISC2 members in the UK and through the common wealth will be notified for future opportunities for chartership.

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