The World’s Only Cyber Aptitude & Talent Assessment

A Breakthrough Solution for Building Superior Teams

Finding the right talent and skillsets for both your short and long-term cyber strategy can be a daunting task. People may present skills that map seamlessly with your job descriptions, but will they prove to be the right fit? Discover ISC2 CyberGEN.IQ, the world’s first and only Cyber Aptitude and Talent Assessment. Through a strategic partnership between ISC2 and Haystack Solutions, this unique offering is engineered to identify and nurture cyber talent across various organizational roles, from those just embarking on their cybersecurity journey to seasoned professionals looking to refine their career path.

ISC2 CyberGEN.IQ boasts 97% accuracy in predicting job performance, mapping talent to job roles, and making the right hiring decisions.

This tool is crucial for businesses, educational institutions, government entities and consulting firms aiming to optimize their cybersecurity workforce in a landscape marked by a profound skills gap.

Business: Optimize Team Role Alignment

In the fast-evolving cyber landscape, aligning your workforce’s capabilities with organizational needs is paramount. ISC2 CyberGEN.IQ provides businesses with a detailed cognitive assessment to map the inherent strengths and aptitudes of team members, facilitating optimal role alignment and enhancing overall cybersecurity posture. With 97% accuracy in job performance prediction and talent mapping, CyberGEN.IQ is your compass in the complex cyber terrain, ensuring your team not only meets but exceeds operational expectations.

Build and Advance Your Cybersecurity Team with ISC2 CyberGEN.IQ

ISC2 CyberGEN.IQ is more than just an assessment; it’s a pathway to realizing your team’s full cyber potential. For organizations looking to bolster their cybersecurity team's effectiveness or find the right cyber talent, ISC2 CyberGEN.IQ offers crucial insights for making informed decisions. With ISC2's dedication to continuous professional development and Haystack's innovative assessment technology, we're uniquely equipped to tackle the cybersecurity skills gap head-on.

Invest in your organization’s security and future by embracing ISC2 CyberGEN.IQ. Get in touch with ISC2 today to learn more about how we can help you create a culture of cybersecurity awareness, recruit and retain top cyber talent, and support the cybersecurity leaders of tomorrow.

Together, we can navigate the challenges of the digital age and secure a safer cyber future.