ISC2 Online Proctored Pilot Exams

Recognizing that potential barriers to certification globally are the time and resources some candidates must invest to travel to a test center, as well as ongoing health and safety concerns from the pandemic, ISC2 began exploring online proctoring in 2021 for its cybersecurity certifications, including the renowned ISC2 CISSP. After two extensive pilot programs using the most stringent security protocols available, ISC2 has concluded that online proctored exams do not satisfy its standards for security and integrity for exam administration.

During both pilot tests, ISC2 and its leading exam delivery and security partners, documented widespread irregular exam results, clear violations of exam administration rules and agreements, and verified exam cheating attempts. At the same time the pilots were being administered, ISC2 observed no change in irregularities or behavior of in-person exam candidates. ISC2 management and the ISC2 Board of Directors have determined, based on the findings of these two pilot programs, that online proctored exams via currently available delivery methods represent an unnecessary risk to the reputation and integrity to ISC2 certifications. ISC2 will continue to explore and monitor online proctored exam practices and may initiate additional pilots as technology and practices for online exam delivery and monitoring evolve.

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