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(ISC)² Security Briefings

(ISC)² Security Briefings are 1-hour webinars that provide an opportunity for attendees to take a "deep dive" into a topic by listening to a multi-part webinar series on a subject over a short period of time. (ISC)² members appreciate the opportunity to immerse themselves in a topic and hear how an industry expert approaches solving the issue(s) being discussed. (ISC)² members earn 1 CPE per Security Briefing.

(ISC)²® Security Briefings Webinars

APAC Secure Webinars

The live, on-demand APAC Secure Webinar Series is a remote learning tool that gives (ISC)² members and participants access to a wide range of information security related topics in a free, flexible and bite-size approach. All webinars are launched in APAC time zone and Asian languages including Mandarin, Japanese and Korean. The content is made available to you to meet your CPE requirement and help you increase your knowledge of important and relevant topics in just 60 minutes. CPEs will be automatically added to (ISC)² member’s profile after attending the webinar.

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