ISC2 Audit Committee

Committee Charter

The Audit Committee is a standing committee and shall be composed of three members of the Board: Board treasurer and two other members who are not Leaders of the Board appointed by the Chair, none of whom is an employee of the organization, its subsidiaries, or affiliates. The Board will strive to always include in the Audit Committee at least one member with sufficient financial expertise to fulfill the responsibilities and perform the review of financial records and reports as described in this charter.

The committee assists the Board of Directors in meeting ISC2’s corporate governance obligation, specifically with response to its oversight of ISC2 financial policies and reporting obligations, and the identification and management of its financial risks.

In carrying out its responsibilities, the Audit Committee shall:

  1. Review any financial statements and audit reports prepared in relation to the financial activities of ISC2 and determine whether to accept the audited financial statements prepared and submitted by the financial auditor.
  2. Review the adequacy and effectiveness of ISC2 internal controls including the financial reporting processes and internal control over financial reporting and disclosure controls and procedures.
  3. Monitor ISC2 financial risk.
  4. Review the financial status of ISC2 on a quarterly basis.
  5. Review ISC2’s proposed consolidated budget and make recommendations to the Board in respect of the Budget.
  6. Make recommendations to the Board on the appointment of auditors and advising on the performance of the auditors.
  7. Make recommendations to the Board on all or any of the above matters, and other functions as the Board may resolve to impose on the Committee from time to time.