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Cybersecurity Certification and Training
(ISC)² Enterprise Solutions

It takes a fully trained team to keep your organization secure,

and each organization has its own unique training and certification needs. We understand that there’s no cookie-cutter solution, which is why we offer tailored training solutions centered around your organization’s budget, schedule, and cybersecurity certification requirements.


Industry-Leading Certifications

Our portfolio of highly-respected cybersecurity certifications cover a wide range of experience and skill levels. Our team of account executives are here to help recommend the right credentials and training for your employees. With the ideal credential and training solution, we can help your employees validate their expertise, and help your organization prove credibility to partners and clients.

(ISC)² Direct

When you go straight to (ISC)² for training, your team will:

  • Learn from certified industry experts who understand you. Our authorized (ISC)² instructors are certified themselves, and they make the content highly relatable. Plus, they go through a rigorous process to teach to our CBK.
  • Get comprehensive exam prep that maximizes their content retention and performance. We use proven training techniques — with a focus on real-world learning activities and scenarios — so you get the most out of training.
  • Benefit from the most up-to-date content. As the creator of the CBK, (ISC)² continually updates its training content, so you’re learning about the most current exam topic areas and covering all domains of knowledge. You’ll have deep knowledge and understanding of new threats, technologies, regulations, best practices and more.
  • Feel fully supported with our official study tools. You’ll receive the student handbook, flashcards and practice exam questions for each domain topic.
  • Get in-depth, real-world practice. From practice exams to practice questions, they’ll have all the tools to prepare for the real exam and hone their skills. They’ll feel confident heading into exam day!


(ISC)² Official@Work

Don’t waste your time and resources developing courseware that already exists. Use ours! Become an (ISC)² Official@Work training partner and gain access to Official (ISC)² Courseware that can be used to teach your employees anytime, anywhere! Simply have your internal trainer obtain an (ISC)² certification and participate in our instructor onboarding program.

(ISC)² Official@Work is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Use courseware that was developed by the creator of the certification’s common body of knowledge (CBK).
  • Ensure your trainer truly understands the courseware being covered.
  • Make training convenient for your employees and save on travel costs.
  • Get more from training than just exam prep, such as team building and problem solving.
  • Train a large group of employees at the same time.
  • Apply real-case examples to application of internal organization examples, policies, etc.
  • Make it easier to coordinate training (it can be held on weekdays, weekends, evenings…).

Our account executives will work with you to set up a customized program that can provide your organization cost savings based on volume.


(ISC)² Investment Program

Do you have an approved training budget and want to get as much out of that budget as possible? Of course you do! Our investment program allows you to use your own funds on your timeline. You can assign certification training and exam activities for your employees throughout the year. As a bonus, we will match a percentage of your funds for you to allocate for your corporate training needs. Think of it like a layaway program for future education needs!

The (ISC)² Investment Program is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Use courseware that was developed by the creator of the certification’s common body of knowledge (CBK).
  • Centrally manage your training and certification funds.
  • Invest when your training and certification dollars are available.
  • Control who uses these funds through an administrator.
  • Have reports be sent to administrator manually on a regular basis with usage of funds.
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