Take Your Learning to the Next Level with NEW CISSP Training

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Q: What is the new Official ISC2 Online Self-Paced CISSP Training?

A: The learning experience is offered through OBRIZUM’s AI-powered adaptive platform. It leverages artificial intelligence to tailor the learning journey to the individual learner’s needs and provides a comprehensive review of the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK®).

Q: How is it different from traditional linear learning experiences?

A: This course provides a non-linear, personalized learning experience tailored to each learner’s needs using AI-driven technology. Learners can create their own learning experience or rely on the AI to guide them through. Traditional linear learning experiences require learners to complete each module, even when further study is unnecessary.

Q: How does the AI-driven adaptive learning platform work?

A: The AI-led adaptive learning platform provides individualized paths based on prior knowledge, learning speed and confidence levels. Learners answer questions using sliders to rate their level of confidence, which helps to detect knowledge gaps while building self-awareness regarding competency. Analytics provide a complete overview of learning progress and performance

Q: Who would benefit from this course?

A: The course is designed for professionals of different experience levels, taking into consideration their time and expertise. For example, highly experienced professionals may not need to cover every domain with the same level of detail as someone less experienced.

Q: What additional resources does the course offer?

A: The course offers a robust search capability that enables learners to find the content they need when they need it. It also includes an analytics dashboard to track progress and see concept-by-concept performance changes over time.