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(ISC)² Candidate Background Qualifications

(ISC)² expects its certified members to be of the highest ethical and professional caliber. To that end the organization has standards that candidates must acknowledge as part of the certification criteria.

The following questions may impact your eligibility for certification:

  • Have you ever been convicted of a felony, a crime based on dishonesty (felony or misdemeanor involving lying) or a Court Martial in military service, or is there a felony charge now pending against you? (Omit minor traffic violations and offenses prosecuted in juvenile court.)
  • Have you ever been involved, or publicly identified, with criminal hackers or hacking?
  • Have you ever had a professional license, certification, membership or registration revoked, or have you ever been censured or disciplined by any professional organization or government agency?
  • Have you ever been known by any other name, alias, or pseudonym? (Omit user identities or screen names with which you were publicly identified. Also omit name changes due to marriage or adoption.)

If you answer 'Yes' to any of the questions above, it is possible you may not be eligible to earn an (ISC)² certification. At (ISC)², we do not wish to deny anyone the opportunity for certification. If you feel you may still be eligible, please contact to discuss your particular situation and receive clearance of eligibility for certification. Candidates are advised to resolve any potential eligibility problems prior to scheduling the exam.

Candidates taking the examination prior to receiving an assessment from (ISC)² about background inquiries will not be refunded for exam fees or expenses should he or she be ineligible for certification.