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(ISC)² Announces Showcased Honorees and Community Service Star Award for 11th Annual ISLA Recognition Program

Hong Kong, July 3, 2017 — (ISC)²® will announce six distinguished information security initiatives and one Community Service Star recognition led by the honorees at its 11th annual Asia-Pacific Information Security Leadership Achievements (Asia-Pacific ISLA®) Gala Dinner and Ceremony at Sheraton Hotel in Hong Kong on the evening of July 3.

The ISLA program is held annually by (ISC)² in cooperation with the (ISC)² Asia-Pacific Advisory Council (APAC) to recognize outstanding leadership and achievements in workforce improvement by information security and management professionals in the Asia-Pacific region.

The distinguished workforce initiatives showcased this year include:

Information Security Educator Category Showcased Honoree and Community Service Star Awardee:

Dr. Do Young Kim, CCFP-KR, Professor, KwangWoon University, Korea

Showcased Project: Establishment of the First Government-Approved Cyber Forensic Professional Association (CFPA)

Dr. Do Young Kim is currently a Vice-Chairman for the Cyber Forensic Professional Association (CFPA) in Korea. With over ten years of experience in the IT security industry, he has been a well-recognized computer consultant in Korea for over a decade, particularly in the spheres of information security, computational analysis for the infrastructure of security and cyber forensics. Also, as a faculty member at Kwangwoon University and an advisor of the Defense Convergence Science and Technology Program, he lectures on the subjects of cybersecurity, cyber forensics, convergence technologies for defense and security, etc. and has been guiding his students from the application of the related theories to actual business fields. Moreover, Dr. Kim has established cyber forensic specialist courses in government, public institutions and corporations to maximize the effectiveness of education and enhance the satisfaction of the courses through customized educational programs.

“It is a great honor for me. There is no question about it. With profound gratitude and great humility, I accept the recognition as a showcased honoree and community service star. I will continue to try to develop the optimized educational program for cyber forensics and find out the most suitable guideline through research and development in Korea,” says Dr. Kim.

Managerial Professional for an Information Security Project Category Showcased Honoree:

Yoshiyuki Kuwahara, CISSP, Chief of Information Strategy, Hiroshima Prefectural Government, Japan

Showcased Project: Hiroshima Security Cloud Implementation

In Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan, there are 23 municipalities which previously operated their own information security equipment, such as IPS/IDS, and were connected to the internet independently. The total population of the 23 municipalities is about 2.8 million. Over the course of six months, Mr. Yoshiyuki’s showcased project aimed to develop and implement Hiroshima Security Cloud. After the implementation of the project, the information security cloud has become one of the largest, strongest and most state-of-the-art information security clouds in Japan.

“I am so honored to receive this great award! This is incredibly special as well because there are so many people that helped me get here. I hope that Hiroshima Security Cloud will become the best practice in Asia and the world,” says Mr. Kuwahara.

Senior Information Security Professional Category Showcased Honorees:

Dr. Xiapu Luo, Research Assistant Professor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Showcased Project: Security Assessment of Android Apps

Dr. Luo initialized the project and has been working together with his team members to examine apps around the world, including those from Hong Kong by proposing novel mechanisms and developing new tools. They assessed and investigated the security of Android apps from four aspects, including static bytecode analysis, dynamic behavior analysis, metadata analysis and traffic analysis. Dr. Xiapu Luo and his team members have proposed original solutions to address challenging problems in mobile app security analysis with papers published in top conferences/journals. He also developed practical tools for the security community to carry out those tests. He helps to promote mobile security with his research and presents cybersecurity awareness education to his colleagues.

“We cannot make it without the help and support from many people. I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to them. Since cybersecurity is critical to the whole society, we wish more resources would be invested in this area. We also wish that the strengths of academia, industry and government would be combined together to enhance the cybersecurity of Hong Kong,” says Dr. Luo.

Dr. Jungchan Na, Managing Director, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Korea

Showcased Project: Information Security Expert to Implement Secure Industrial IoT

Dr. Jungchan Na leads the Research, Education, Development & Business Department (RED&B) at ETRI. The major goal of the Cyber Security Core Technology Research Department is to provide the fundamental security technologies of hardware and firmware reverse-engineering analysis and industrial network protection for building a trust infrastructure of industrial Internet of Things (IoT). With an aim to implement secure industrial IoT, Dr. Na and his team have developed a unidirectional gateway system that controls the inflow of arbitrary data from the external network to the internal control network and provides necessary internal information to external devices. As a professor of the department of information security at Korea University of Science and Technology, Dr. Na has also educated and trained students to acquire the knowledge of information security as well as practical business skills through hands-on experience.

“First of all, I am honored to be selected as a showcased honoree, and I would like to express my gratitude to the team members and related researchers who have worked on the project together. Also, I would like to express my love for my family who does not spare their support in various sides,” says Dr. Na.

Katsuhiko Nakanishi, CISSP, Manager of Public Safety Business Promotion Office, Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics Promotion Division, NEC Corporation, Japan

Showcased Project: Contribution to the Cybersecurity Human Resource Development for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Since 2015, Mr. Nakanishi has participated on the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, building CSIRT, examining cyber exercises and collaborating with government organizations. His mission is to strengthen the organization's ability to respond to cybersecurity by 2020 and to develop a plan for training and exercises. One of the projects he took charge of in 2016 was "Planning and implementation of Table Top Exercise." The targets of Mr. Nakanishi’s project were to motivate the public website’s stakeholders on the topic of information security; and to build relationships amongst vertically divided organizations. The project outcomes include creating an incident handling manual, listing the issues that came out of the table top exercise and formulating an exercise plan by 2020.

“I am very honored to receive the ISLA recognition in the Senior Information Security Professional category. I greatly appreciate my team members and my family's support. This award encourages me to try to keep developing cybersecurity human resources in collaboration with (ISC)2 and all the people concerned,” says Mr. Nakanishi.

Information Security Practitioner Category Showcased Honoree:

Lan-Fen Lin, MBA, ISO27001 LAC, Head, Information Security Department, 104 Corp, Taiwan

Showcased Project: AES Encryption/ Decryption Algorithm Project

The scope of AES project is to protect 8 million job seekers and 500,000 enterprise members’ sensitive information, which is widely used in all 104 services. After being transferred to 104’s Information Security Department in 2014, Ms. Lin proposed to re-initiate the AES encryption/decryption algorithm project. With extraordinary courage and a large amount of cross-team communication, she persuaded all executives to agree to her undertaking the challenge and restarting this mission critical, company-wide security project.

“This honor belongs to everyone at 104 Corp. The project itself was valuable and meant a lot to me. Being chosen as a showcased honoree recognizes my work and 104’s commitment to protect our customers’ privacy information. I feel very happy and honored. There is a great sense of achievement,” says Ms. Lin. For a detailed list of all 2017 Asia-Pacific ISLA honorees, please visit:

For a detailed list of all 2017 Asia-Pacific ISLA honorees, please visit: Asia-Pacific Information Security Leadership Achievements (ISLA) Honorees


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