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Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Growing As Workplaces Invest in People

The (ISC)² 2022 Cybersecurity Workforce Study reveals key intelligence about professionals and careers, including a 3.4 million global workforce gap.

(ISC)² Staff | 20th October 2022


Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories - October 28, 2022

John Weiler | 28th October 2022

Tech giant vulnerabilities, menacing malware and child abductions via rideshare apps.

Proposed (ISC)² Bylaws Amendments – What They Mean

(ISC)² Staff | 25th October 2022

Additional insights into the bylaws amendment documentation to address member questions.

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories

(ISC)² Staff | 21st October 2022

Ransomware derails big businesses as the Australian cyberattack spree and student loan forgiveness scams.

(ISC)² Recruits More Than 55,000 Cybersecurity Candidates in First Month

(ISC)² Staff | 29th September 2022

2,700 have passed the (ISC)² Certified in Cybersecurity exam, with more than 53,000 more people registered to follow suit.


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Doxxing: It’s way more than public disclosures

Mick Brady | 10th October 2022

The act of doxxing is a mainstream attack vector, but there’s much more to it than just public disclosure of information.

Seeing is Disbelieving

Pat Rarus | 10th October 2022

A deep dive into the impact of deepfakes on today’s cybersecurity sector.

Assessing Critical Infrastructure

Éder de Mattos, CISSP-ISSAP, ISSMP, CISSP, CCSP | 10th October 2022

Never phone it in when it comes to making telecommunications systems more resilient to attacks.

IT/OT Convergence

Julien Legrand, CISSP | 10th October 2022

Disruptions and a dire prediction should have all of us carefully considering the cybersecurity implications of an IT/OT convergence.


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Announcing This Year’s (ISC)² Global Achievement Award Recipients - Part 2

(ISC)² Staff | 29th September 2022

Continuing our rundown of the recipients of this year’s GAAs who are going above and beyond in the cybersecurity community.

Announcing This Year’s (ISC)² Global Achievement Award Recipients - Part 1

(ISC)² Staff | 28th September 2022

The annual (ISC)² awards honor exceptional practitioners for their commitment to a safer cyber world for one and all.

Real Talk With CCSPs: An Interview With Jonas Björk, CCSP

(ISC)² Staff | 27th September 2022

We had a very candid chat with Jonas Björk, of Cygate, a Swedish telecoms organization, that ranged from his decades-long passion for cybersecurity to his love of skateboarding.

Unconscious Bias: How to Understand, Identify and Manage It

(ISC)² Staff | 30th August 2022

The presence of unconscious biases in hiring staff hampers efforts to grow the cybersecurity workforce and to diversify the individuals who make up this group.


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DevSecOps certification

Discussions about options for professional certifications for development, security, and operations.

CISA mandates federal Civilian agencies to report software vulnerabilities

Federal civilian agencies now will be expected to report detailed data about vulnerabilities to CISA at timed intervals using automated tools.

Is there such a thing as responsible Lawful Offense?

Do we need to have a set of ethics as to what is acceptable vs non acceptable?

What IT Security Certifications Are Growing As Desired By Employers

Certifications in cloud security and software security are in top demand!


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