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We all enjoy the convenience, access and freedom that our connected world brings us. But with all this comes added risk. Almost every week, we wake up to news of another cyberattack. And while no one can prevent every risk, thankfully there are certified cybersecurity experts out there - in every industry – working to safeguard our data.

Your Community Relies on (ISC)²-Certified Professionals
(ISC)² is the membership organization that trains and certifies the professionals who make our cyber world safer for all. You may not recognize our members at your local bank. But they are there, working behind the scenes to protect your assets. You probably won’t see them in schools, either. But they are there, providing lessons that keep children safe from predators and cyber bullies. And you likely won’t meet them at your local hospital, but they are there – helping to ensure personal data is kept private.

Cybersecurity Advocacy
(ISC)² also represents our membership through advocacy by working closely with government agencies, academic institutions and corporations to encourage collaboration on security issues.

Whether we are educating policy makers about key security issues, promoting the necessity of a competent cybersecurity workforce or building awareness about cybersecurity as a rewarding career opportunity, our team of experienced advocates represent our membership every day as we collectively work toward achieving our vision of inspiring a safe and secure cyber world.

Even when you don’t see our members, you’ll feel their presence. Because Squared Is There.

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education
In addition to educating and certifying the global cybersecurity workforce, (ISC)² is committed to educating the public through our nonprofit charitable foundation, The Center for Cyber Safety and Education. The Center empowers students, teachers and whole communities to secure life online through cybersecurity awareness and scholarship programs.

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