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ISC2 Pledges One Million FREE ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity Courses and Exams

See yourself in cybersecurity. You don’t need experience — just the passion and drive to enter a demanding and rewarding field, one that opens limitless opportunities worldwide.

As part of our commitment to help close the cybersecurity workforce gap and diversify those working in the field, ISC2 is offering FREE Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) Online Self-Paced Training and exams to one million people.

Start Your Journey
To participate in the One Million Certified in Cybersecurity program, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Create an account. If you already have an ISC2 account, sign in.
  2. Complete your ISC2 Candidate application form and select Certified in Cybersecurity as your certification of interest.
  3. Once the application is complete, you’ll become an ISC2 Candidate. It’s free to join and you’ll gain access to Official ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity Online Self-Paced Training and the opportunity to register for the free certification exam. You will find your access on the Candidate Benefits page.
  4. Upon passing the exam, complete the application form and pay U.S. $50 Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF). Once completed you’ll become a certified member of ISC2 – the world’s largest association of certified cybersecurity professionals – with access to a broad range of professional development resources to help you throughout your career.

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In order to meet every learner’s needs, we’re also offering two Certified in Cybersecurity training bundles with special extras. Explore all Certified in Cybersecurity training options.

Advancing DEI in Cybersecurity
To encourage diversity, equity and inclusion in the workforce, ISC2 will work closely with partner organizations as part of this program to reach populations underrepresented in cybersecurity. We’ve pledged half of the commitment – 500,000 course enrollments and exams – to this effort. Organizations serving these groups and interested in becoming a One Million Certified in Cybersecurity Partner should complete this application.

Q: What is ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity™?

A: ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity is a foundational cybersecurity certification designed to help recipients build a pathway to a rewarding career in cybersecurity. This entry-level certification will prove to employers you have the foundational knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for an entry- or junior-level cybersecurity role. It proves your willingness and ability to learn and grow on the job. Learn more here.

Q: Who should consider participating in this opportunity?

A: The Certified in Cybersecurity entry-level certification is ideal for:

  • IT professionals
  • Career changers
  • College students
  • Recent graduates

Q: How much work experience is required to earn this certification?

A: Unlike other ISC2 certifications, there is no work experience requirement to earn the entry-level Certified in Cybersecurity certification.

Q: Why will this certification be different from other foundational certifications?

A: We believe a need still exists in our industry for a certification that is attainable for newcomers and recognizes the growing trend of people entering the cybersecurity workforce without direct IT experience. Employers need confidence that when hiring new entrants into the field they have a solid grasp of the right technical concepts, and a demonstrated aptitude to learn on the job. Moreover, as an ISC2 certification, the recipient will be an ISC2 member backed by the world’s largest network of certified cybersecurity professionals helping them continue their professional development and earn new achievements and qualifications throughout their career.

Q: What can I expect from the online self-paced course?

A: The online self-paced course is a recorded review session that introduces learners to the content covered in the ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity certification exam outline. The review sessions are led by an authorized ISC2 instructor and cover the five domains of the entry-level Certified in Cybersecurity certification. The sessions are designed specifically to help learners prepare to take the Certified in Cybersecurity exam. Learners have access to the course for 180 days. The course is available in English, Chinese, German, Japanese and Spanish.

Q: Can I take the exam without starting or completing the education course?

A: Yes, you can take the exam at any time you feel ready.

Q: I have heard I need a promo code to register for the free CC exam, where can I find it?

A: The code previously required for exam booking is no longer needed. When an ISC2 Candidate, who is in good standing and has not previously taken the free exam, books their CC exam through Pearson VUE the price at check will automatically be updated to $0. This streamlined process will enhance the user experience. Please see the detailed instructions on how to register for the free CC exam in the answer to the question below.

Q: How do I register for the free exam?

A: After you have become an ISC2 Candidate, you can take the CC exam for free one time as part of ISC2 Candidate benefits, all future CC registrations must be purchased at cost.

Here is the process:

  • Complete your ISC2 Candidate application form.
  • Visit to create your exam account with Pearson VUE, global administrator of ISC2 exams.You will be prompted to affirm the accuracy of this information before submitting the form. Upon submission, your account will be created with Pearson VUE and you will be on their site.
  • Select the certification: CC: Certified in Cybersecurity.
  • Select your testing location and schedule your exam.
  • At checkout your total will automatically update to U.S. $0, as an ISC2 Candidate.

Note: Each ISC2 Candidate is eligible for one free registration. You must be an ISC2 Candidate to sit for free, all future CC registrations in your name must be purchased at cost. You may reschedule your exam appointment within 48 hours of your scheduled exam through Pearson VUE without the risk of forfeiting your free exam.

Q: I already have an ISC2 certification or am an Associate of ISC2. Can I participate in this free program?

A: No. This One Million Certified in Cybersecurity pledge is intended to bring new individuals into the field of cybersecurity and provide them with their first certification. Therefore, the program is not available for anyone who already holds an ISC2 certification or the Associate of ISC2 status. However, if would like to take the CC exam, or course, you may do so by purchasing a CC bundle.

Q: What do I need to know about exam day?

A: This exam follows all standard ISC2 exam policies and practices, including rescheduling and special accommodations. Learn more here. It is recommended that all candidates review these policies and procedures prior to sitting for the exam.

Q: What topics are covered in the course and on the exam?

A: There are five domains to this certification, listed below. For more details on the exam, review the ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity exam outline.

  • Security Principles
  • Business Continuity (BC), Disaster Recovery (DR) & Incident Response Concepts
  • Access Controls Concepts
  • Network Security
  • Security Operations

Q: How long is the exam?

A: The exam contains 100 multiple choice test items in a standard, linear exam format. There is a two (2) hour maximum administration time that is inclusive of all optional breaks and information screens.

Q: Can I skip a test item on the exam and answer it later?

A: No. All items must be answered in the order they are presented. You cannot skip an exam item and return to it later.

Q: How will I know if I pass the exam?

A: You will receive a pass or fail result on-site at the test center upon completion of the exam. If you pass, you will receive a confirmation email with your next steps to complete the certification process.

Q: If I do not pass the exam the first time, can I take it again for free?

A: No. You are only permitted one free attempt at the CC exam through the One Million Certified in Cybersecurity pledge. If you would like to attempt the exam again, we recommend purchasing a training bundle and exam together. You can see the available options at Certified in Cybersecurity bundles page.

Q: Can I take the exam online?

A: The entry-level Certified in Cybersecurity certification exam will only be available in-person at ISC2-authorized Pearson VUE test centers

Q: Is the exam available worldwide?

A: You can find the entry-level Certified in Cybersecurity certification exam at ISC2-authorized Pearson VUE test centers.

Q: Is the exam available in multiple languages?

A: The entry-level Certified in Cybersecurity certification exam is currently available in English, Simplified Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

Q: Can I transfer my free course and/or exam registration to someone else?

A: No, the course training and corresponding exam registration are issued to you. You may, however, encourage your peers to take advantage of the One Million Certified in Cybersecurity initiative by becoming ISC2 Candidates.

Q: What are the requirements to maintain the Certified in Cybersecurity certification after passing the exam?

A: Certified in Cybersecurity credential holders will need to earn 45 CPE credits during their three-year certification cycle to maintain the certification. We recommend earning 15 credits per year. You will also need to pay an Annual Maintenance Fee to maintain your certification.

Q: What is the fee and when do I need to start paying for it?

A: The Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF) for Certified in Cybersecurity is U.S. $50. This is due upon certification and annually upon your certification anniversary.

Q: Who can I contact if I still have questions?

A: If you have additional questions about the exam process or registration, please contact If your questions are regarding ISC2 membership, please reach out to

Q: As an employer, what does it mean if a job candidate has this certification?

A: Those who pass this exam have proven their knowledge, skills and abilities in the fundamentals of cybersecurity. They have a proficient understanding of policies and processes and have demonstrated their commitment to further cybersecurity education and development.

Q: Is there an age restriction to take an ISC2 examination?

A: You must be 16 years old to sit for an ISC2 examination.

Q: Why is ISC2 offering an entry-level certification?

A: Research from ISC2 and others continues to conclude that there is a global shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals. While there are many contributing factors, we believe one solution is to create a certification that enables candidates – including students, young professionals and career-changers – to demonstrate to employers their familiarity with foundational cybersecurity concepts as determined by cybersecurity professionals and practitioners already in the field.