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Cybersecurity professionals have ranked the top ISC2 sponsored webinars for the first half of 2024 and the ISC2 webinar team has compiled the top five in an easy-to-find list “Top-Rated 2024 Webinars” so you can start earning your CPE credits today.

De-Mystifying Generative AI Sponsored by F5

Byron McNaught, Principal Technical Marketing Manager at F5 and Brandon Dunlap, Moderator

Is Generative AI simply the most modern of modern apps? Are we prepared as an industry to safely unlock its potential? Explore the promises and perils of GenAI, including key considerations for visibility and security across highly-connected ecosystems. Dive into real-world examples of how GenAI can go awry through analysis of recent vulnerabilities and attacks on AI-based applications.

Prepare for the E-pocalypse: New Email Authentication Rules Sponsored by ProofPoint

Kevin San Diego, Sr. Director, Product Management and Craig Temple, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at ProofPoint; Brandon Dunlap, Moderator

To protect users from email fraud, Google, Yahoo and Apple are implementing new rules that could block all unauthenticated customer emails from the inbox or send them directly to the SPAM folder. Learn how to meet the new email authentication requirements, ensure the deliverability of your critical emails, and safeguard your brand and your business from email fraud.

Trends from Hyperproof's 2024 IT Risk and Compliance Benchmark Report Sponsored by Hyperproof

Kayne McGladrey, Field CISO at Hyperproof; Rishi Singh, Director, GRC, at Publicly-Traded Company; Brandon Dunlap, Moderator

Is your IT risk and compliance program ready for 2024 and beyond? For the last five years, Hyperproof has asked over 1,000 GRC professionals about their pain points, IT risk and compliance budgets, staffing, risk management best practices, and much more. We then compare results from the previous year, and provide an in-depth view of the market’s current state in our annual benchmark report. The 2024’s IT Risk and Compliance Benchmark report highlights a fascinating change in the overarching narrative of cybersecurity: respondents and key stakeholders from other departments are thinking about cybersecurity compliance as a key competitive differentiator rather than just a cost center.

Effectively Safeguarding Your APIs: From Discovery to Defense Sponsored by Akamai

Reuben Koh, Director Security Technology and Strategy, APJ at Akamai

Nearly one-third of web attacks targeted APIs in 2023. APIs are now vital for modern applications, enabling seamless communication and data exchange between systems. As their use grows across various industries to improve efficiency and customer experiences, APIs also become prime targets for attackers. Vulnerabilities in APIs can lead to data breaches and abuse of business logic, presenting major challenges to organizations.

Catch 'Em All: Defeating Pikabot's Advanced Evasion Attempts Sponsored by VMRay

Emre Güler, Threat Researcher at VMRay; Brandon Dunlap, Moderator

Geared towards security leaders and threat analysts alike, this session focuses on the evolving threat landscape as exemplified by Pikabot – a malware/loader adept at circumventing the latest endpoint protection strategies. Our session will shed light on Pikabot's sophisticated use of indirect system calls and other evasion tactics that challenge traditional detection methods. Attendees will gain strategic insights into enhancing their security posture and staying ahead of similar threats. Commonly delivered via phishing, and used by threat actors like TA577 to provide initial access to ransomware groups, this specific malware family is worth peeling back the layers.

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