In today's dynamic and interconnected business landscape, navigating the complexities of governance, risk, and compliance is not just a matter of best practice; it's a strategic priority.

Governance, risk and compliance professionals utilize frameworks to integrate security and privacy within organizational objectives, better enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions that safeguard sensitive data, uphold compliance standards and more. 

Certified in Governance, Risk and Compliance (CGRC) certification from ISC2, the world’s leading cybersecurity professional organization known for the CISSP, demonstrates you have the knowledge and skills to integrate governance, performance management, risk management and regulatory compliance within your organization. 

For cybersecurity professionals interested in governance, risk and compliance, there are now two Official ISC2 Online Training options that will help you prepare for the CGRC exam with a clear-cut and comprehensive review of the certification domains.

NEW! Online Self-Paced CGRC Training

To make learning accessible to a broad talent pool, including professionals on tight schedules, ISC2 just launched Official ISC2 Online Self-Paced CGRC Training. The new adaptive learning format tailors the journey to each individual’s needs.

The training uses AI-led adaptive learning to provide individualized learning paths based on prior knowledge, learning speed and confidence levels. Learners answer questions using sliders to rate their level of confidence, which helps to detect knowledge gaps while building self-awareness regarding competency. The platform also identifies specific areas that require further study so that you’re better prepared on exam day.

A robust search capability enables you to find the content you need, when you need it. It includes an analytics dashboard to track progress and see concept-by-concept performance changes over time.

Enhanced Online Instructor-Led CGRC Training

For those who prefer live virtual learning led by a CGRC-certified Instructor, newly enhanced Official ISC2 CGRC Online Instructor-Led Training now features course content that also aligns specifically to CGRC exam outline for intuitive learning.

Learners progress through the course domain by domain with content that’s organized to cut confusion and be easy-to-follow. Practical self-paced instruction is weighted to the emphasis placed on each domain in the exam outline. An ISC2 Authorized Instructor will guide you in applying the knowledge you acquire to real-world scenarios.

Both new trainings also reflect the refreshed CGRC exam. The changes are the result of a rigorous, methodical process ISC2 follows to ensure our certifications set the highest standards. It ensures the content dives deep into the topics relevant to the roles and responsibilities of today’s cybersecurity professionals. The CGRC exam outline details the content changes. 

Added Benefit: Education Guarantee

ISC2 offers an education guarantee with both CGRC online training options. If you need to sit for the exam a second time, you can access the same training again at no cost within one year from the end of the initial training. The education guarantee covers the cost of the second course.

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