Four high-profile cybersecurity keynotes, 80+ educational sessions, an enhanced expo hall showcase, exclusive networking, career resources — no wonder your wanderlust is pointing you to ISC2 Security Congress 2024. After all, it’s cybersecurity’s must-attend event, where you’ll be in good company with thousands of your professional peers from around the world for three days at Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

How do you convince your manager attending ISC2 Security Congress is a sound investment for your organization? Cyber pros like you say these steps get results.

1. Justify the Benefits

Show how the agenda, speakers and sessions align with your professional goals and your company’s strategic direction.

  • Professional Development – Explain how the event will enhance your skills and knowledge so you’re able to stay in front of emerging trends and escalating cyberthreats. In particular, point to the sessions and pre-conference workshops that are directly relevant to your job responsibilities — for example, stepping up to cyber leadership if you’re a woman looking to advance.
  • Network-Building Opportunities – Highlight the opportunities to meet cybersecurity leaders, potential clients and collaborators at the networking breakfasts, welcome reception and evening get-togethers. These connections can lead to valuable partnerships and insights that benefit your organization.
  • Knowledge Sharing – Offer to relay what you learn from the cyber subject matter expert presenters to your team and department. Suggest a post-conference presentation or report to summarize key takeaways that could impact your organization’s security posture.
  • Strategic Alignment – After reviewing the agenda, connect presentation topics to your cybersecurity team’s current projects, company initiatives and strategic goals. 

2. Prepare a Detailed Proposal

Break down the return on investment of sending you to ISC2 Security Congress so that the decision is a no-brainer for your manager.

  • Agenda Benefits – Create a concise outline of the agenda, key sessions and networking opportunities and how they benefit you, your team and your organization’s security posture. Explain that this year’s theme, Boldly Forward, brings cyber professionals together from around the globe in our resolve to stay in front of threats and defend what matters most in today’s complex digital world. Finally, consider sharing this video for extra sell.
  • Work Balance – Detail how you’ll manage your workload before, during and after the event. Show that your attendance will not interfere with your daily responsibilities or compromise the company’s security.
  • Cost Analysis – Break down the expenses of attending, including registration fees, travel and accommodations. Consider providing cost-saving options, such as early bird registration or shared rooms.

3. Schedule a Meeting

Once your proposal has been on their desk for a few days, sit down with your manager to discuss the benefits of attending ISC2 Security Congress.

  • Submit a Request – Ask for a specific window of time with your manager to discuss your request. Approach the conversation professionally and be ready to present your proposal. Consider sending a justification letter in advance.
  • Anticipate Questions – Be ready to address questions about the event, such as why it’s worth the investment and how it aligns to your role and your organization’s goals of stronger cybersecurity.
  • Be Flexible – Make sure you’re open to feedback and willing to shift your plans based on any concerns your manager may have or suggestions they make. Compromise is king.

4. Follow Up

Communicate with your manager to foster trust, respect and better collaboration in planning your attendance at ISC2 Security Congress.

  • Provide Confirmation – Once your attendance is approved, confirm the details, including budget or specific conditions set by your manager.
  • Prepare Ahead of Time – Before travelling, review the agenda and plan the sessions you’ll attend. Set up meetings with key contacts.
  • Share Post-Event Report – As soon as you return, prepare a detailed report for your manager and team that includes key insights, new contacts and actionable ideas and strategies that will benefit your organization’s security posture.

Remember, if your manager is still squeamish about having you OOO for three-plus days, there’s the virtual option. And that comes with its on perks, including access to on-demand content through December 31, 2024.

Keep in mind, your manager may not be prepared to act on your request immediately. They may need to get approval from their higher-ups. Let them know of your interest in attending ISC2 Security Congress early so they have time to consider your proposal.

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