Cybersecurity as a strategic imperative is critical for board-level discussions as bad actors escalate cyberattacks. Last year, the average cost of a single data breach globally reached an all-time high of $4.45 million. 

Yet even at the nation’s largest organizations, where the stakes are highest, gaps in communication between cybersecurity executives and the board persist. A recent study found 88% of companies in the S&P 500 do not have an executive with cybersecurity experience on their board.

Today’s cybersecurity leaders are tasked with helping boards of directors succeed in building competency around cyber risk and implementing more effective governance strategies. That requires breaking down the barriers that often challenge cyber communications to the board.

To help bridge the gap between technical expertise and leadership acumen, a new series of ISC2 Executive Leadership Courses focuses on specialized skills cyber professionals need to lead effectively within their organizations and in boardroom settings. The on-demand, deeper-level learning created by industry experts tackles how to:

  • Navigate complex challenges
  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders
  • Drive organizational resilience

Current ISC2 Executive Leadership Courses, each affordably priced at U.S. $99 or less, include:

  • Cybersecurity for the Board of Directors: Why They Should Care
    Build stronger, more productive relationships with your board of directors. Get strategies for clear and concise communications around incidents, materiality, risk and impact. Learn how to apply lessons from cyber incidents to strengthen your security program.
  • The Board of Directors’ Role in Incident Response
    When incidents happen, cybersecurity leaders must be ready to work with the board for an effective response. That starts with understanding the board’s responsibilities relative to the incident response. Explore the organizational and personal liabilities that come into play.
  • Presenting to Your Board of Directors
    Learn how to take a storytelling approach to build engaging presentations for your board of directors. Get tips on how to translate cybersecurity technical language into the business language they understand. Know your audience and what information they need.

The courses are recommended for individuals with 10+ years of experience and increasing responsibilities, including:

  • Cyber professionals who want to enhance their leadership skills and influence
  • Cyber professionals who require direct interaction with boards of directors or aspire to serve on a board
  • Board members of publicly traded companies
  • Senior executives and C-suite officers
  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and senior IT executives
  • Legal advisors and compliance officers 

Working with your board of directors doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It just takes time – and the right communication skills – to understand their concerns and offer meaningful updates, threat intelligence and metrics that inform their decisions.

Learn more about ISC2 Executive Leadership Courses and register today.