Nothing in cybersecurity ever stays the same. It’s a constantly evolving field that demands lifelong learning. To help ensure members stay current on the latest issues and best practices, ISC2 certification requires continuing professional education (CPE). As cybersecurity’s most recognized credentials, ISC2 certifications demonstrate deep knowledge, supported by the ongoing professional development CPE credits represent.

We’re here to help you accomplish your long-term goals, maintain your certifications and stay ahead of emerging trends. Here are just a few examples of ISC2 CPE activities available to members free of charge or at a discounted rate, all of which will earn you automatic CPE credits:

  • Certificates - Gain expertise in the latest cybersecurity topics and earn digital badges. Each online ISC2 Certificate turns a laser focus on the subject matter.
  • Skill-Builders - Advance your skills with short-format online learning designed to fit your busy schedule.
  • Certification Training - Earn valuable CPE credits as you prepare for your next ISC2 certification.
  • Events - Network with your peers and grow your knowledge at our SECURE Summits and Security Congress annual conference.
  • Webinars - Stay up-to-date on global trends and hot-button topics with our free webinars.
  • Insights Quizzes - Read about what’s happening now in cybersecurity in our Insights articles and test your knowledge for credits.

Looking for ways to help make earning your CPE credits easier? Follow these top 10 tips, recommended by certified members:

  1. Know your options. It’s not just CPE courses that earn credits — so do chapter meetings, volunteering and presentations. For the full list of CPE activities, download the ISC2 CPE Infographic.
  2. Keep a steady pace. Dedicate at least three hours each month to CPE activities. That way, you won’t feel rushed when your certification is up for renewal.
  3. Log your credits in a central spot. Record your CPE activities in one notebook or file with the date, title and time for easy entry and tracking.
  4. Submit as you go. Auto-submissions can take up to six weeks to appear in your account, and audits can hold up renewals. Don’t put it off.
  5. Get credited automatically. Save time by registering for BrightTALK webinars with your member ID — credits are instantly applied to your account.
  6. Don’t miss out on credits. Select all the relevant domains from your certifications when you submit CPE activities.
  7. Extend your credits. Hold multiple certifications? Be sure to choose all the relevant domains across all your credentials when submitting CPE activities.
  8. Verify it. Always document your CPE activities. It will make the audit process worlds easier if you’re selected.
  9. Get ahead of questions. Take a few minutes to read through our CPE FAQs.
  10. Reach out if you need help. Struggling to meet your CPE requirements by the deadline? Contact us.

Keep learning. By developing and enhancing your skills through continuing professional education, you’re making an important investment in yourself. For a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about maintaining your ISC2 certifications with CPE credits, download our updated Certification Maintenance Handbook.