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On September 15, 2024, ISC2 will update the Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) credential exam. These updates are the result of the Job Task Analysis (JTA), which is an analysis of the current content of the credential evaluated by ISC2 members on a triennial cycle.

A title change is occurring for Domain 1. Security Operations and Administration will have a new title of Security Concepts and Practices.

Current (Effective November 15, 2021) New (Effective September 15, 2024)
1 Security Operations and Administration Security Concepts and Practices 16%
2 Access Controls Access Controls 15%
3 Risk Identification, Monitoring, and Analysis Risk Identification, Monitoring, and Analysis 15%
4 Incident Response and Recovery Incident Response and Recovery 14%
5 Cryptography Cryptography 9%
6 Network and Communications Security Network and Communications Security 16%
7 Systems and Application Security Systems and Application Security 15%
Total 100%

For more information, please review the SSCP Exam Outline

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