Career changing is an important part of how the cybersecurity profession is addressing the global workforce and skills gaps. Grigorios Malamis, CC, tells us of his experience transferring his skills and experience from the military to a civilian cybersecurity role.

Grigorios Malamis, CCFor 14 years, I was deeply embedded in the Hellenic Army's structured environment. But, following this, a budding interest in cybersecurity took hold and, by 2023, my interest had blossomed into a full-fledged Master's degree.

Prior to my foray into cybersecurity, the Army had honed my skills in strategy and discipline. Transitioning from the military world to the digital domain of cybersecurity might seem like a stretch to some. But for me, it felt like a tempered progression. Both demand a certain level of strategy and proactivity.

A Bit Too Soon for CISSP

In my exploration of the cybersecurity landscape, I was greeted with a plethora of certification options. My inclination towards understanding risk management and business continuity drew me to the CISSP certification, but the prerequisites eluded me. However, a timely discovery led me to the Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) qualification from ISC2. Given its relevance (and the absence of a fee), I warmly embraced the opportunity to pursue it.

The experience of undergoing the CC certification was a balanced mix of challenging and enlightening. I was introduced to a well-curated curriculum, relevant examples, and thought-provoking case studies. Collectively, these elevated my foundational understanding of cybersecurity.

CC Opened Up a Career Path

Once I was a CC, the job market became more receptive. I was welcomed into a cybersecurity company with open arms, and my responsibilities there weren't limited to just mitigating threats: they expanded into the realms of risk assessment and auditing, ensuring a moderate temperature of security and compliance for our clients. In tandem with these new roles, my compensation experienced a modest uptick, reflecting the newfound value the CC certification brought to my profile.

Looking forward, I envisage a harmonious integration of my army expertise with the vast expanse of cybersecurity. There's also temptation to delve deeper, perhaps seeking additional certifications.

In retrospect, my transition from the Army's structured world to the dynamic realm of cybersecurity was an evolution rather than a revolution. The CC certification served as a bridge in this journey, and I'm filled with enthusiasm for what lies ahead.