Today is Safer Internet Day, part of a global effort to raise awareness of internet safety for everyone that interacts with the internet, which is arguably all of us.

Safer Internet Day exists to raise awareness and start a conversation about online safety, particularly with young people and other groups in society who may not be fully equipped to stay safe when using the internet or when having to interact with key services that are only available online.

For Safer Internet Day 2024, one of the global themes is “Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online”.

The day promotes the importance of shared responsibility and bringing all aspects of the professional world together to contribute, support, educate and enable safer online participation. The aim is to make a safer and better internet for everyone, adults and children alike.

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education is the charitable foundation of ISC2, the world’s leading nonprofit member organization for cybersecurity professionals and is an example of how we as a community contribute back to society to inspire change and make a difference online.

About The Center

The Center leverages the power of its robust global network of experts to serve the public by educating the most vulnerable about cyber risks, removing barriers and empowering access to enter and thrive in the cyber profession, and helping small organizations to protect themselves from cyber risks that threaten their very existence.

The Center provides several programs such as Safe and Secure Online, that support members in using their skills, knowledge and experience to support and educate their local communities. The Safe and Secure Online program empowers tweens, teens, parents, and senior citizens to protect themselves in the digital age by learning safe cyber safety practices, explained and delivered by cybersecurity professionals.

In addition, the Center inspires change for those pursuing higher education, administering a range of scholarships on behalf of ISC2 and other industry organization to help those with a passion for a career in cybersecurity to overcome obstacles and achieve a degree or equivalent higher education qualification. Later this year, the Center will be announcing cybersecurity certification scholarships. These help remove financial barriers standing in the way of advancing in the cyber field.

The Center also works to inspire positive change among organizations as well as individuals. It runs Cybersecurity Health Check, which pairs ISC2 volunteers with qualified small businesses and nonprofits to help the small organizations understand and minimize their cybersecurity risk. The Health Check is a free activity that provides a cybersecurity checklist showing places where small businesses can identify and mitigate cybersecurity risks, as well as understand what they are doing well.

You can find out more about volunteering to support the Center’s programs, or how to donate at and